30/08/2013 13:51 BST | Updated 30/10/2013 05:12 GMT

August is Ending: But September Will Be SO Interesting

August is ending... yet Autumn should be even more fabulous: today let me tell you about topics from camping gear (tents), fashion shows to support fashion education, and my little television appearance on CNN!

Life is certainly an adventure! I design textiles...and generally people think that means textiles for clothing shoes, purse...but I also design textiles for interior design.

Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that I also design textiles for the GREAT OUTDOORS? It is true. I design Tents for camping! I had the great pleasure of attending a trade show known as "Agenda", in Long Beach, California, where my tents were on exhibit.

'Agenda' is a self described action sports "happening": "The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the street wear and action sports industries to unite. With a strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is as much a lesson as it is a trade show or tool."

So, I went to the Long Beach Convention Center to the trade fair "Agenda" where my Punk Tent turned out to be the center of attention! The company Field Candy produces the most wonderful tents - true highlights of the camping world. One looks like a slice of melon...another a sheep in a field! Mine has huge torn holes (trompe d'oeil!) with large ropes of pearls strung with huge beaded safety pins, mimicking my 1977 iconic punk designs! My tent was extraordinary, quite like the tattooed skate-boarding audience!

On other fronts, I am busily preparing for the annual "Westgate Luncheon Show" in San Diego. CA on Thursday, October 24, 2013. There is always a fashion show with models donning my new and classic designs. This exquisite luncheon features a beautiful 3 course menu designed by my dear friend and food extraordinaire Jeanne Jones, and is always a sell-out!

The event raises money to support the nonprofit Fashion and Textile Museum in London. The people of San Diego enthusiastically support London's FTM!

This year's Westgate Luncheon is sure to be fantastic, as it will be held at Westgate's newly added rooftop pool area, surrounded by spectacular views.

Finally, I was featured on CNN on August 12: do have a look!

I'll see you in September, with updates about new fashion trends, exhibits, designs and it is bye for now........ZR