23/09/2013 10:57 BST | Updated 23/11/2013 05:12 GMT

The Benefits Of Ice-Cream Over Gardening

What do you get if you add together a recording studio, an ice-cream van with a dash of gardening, and a talent show complete with a burlesque dancer? The answer - O2's TU Go App.

Yes that's right, in a TU Go App frenzy, fellow presenter Matt Edmondson and I indulged in a series of challenges last month in London and we both tried our very best to "be more dog" into the bargain. Through much barking madness and sheer determination Matt and I succeeded in our challenges all thanks to a nifty app called TU Go. If you're an O2 customer, you need look no further than your device's App Store. If you're not an O2 customer, then get down with the dogs and get to it. WOOF.

It's not every day I'm challenged to build a recording studio, landscape a garden and put on a talent show. It was hard to know where to start but thanks to my phone, tablet and TU Go app, all this technology and connectivity made light work of what initially seemed insurmountable tasks. Downloading O2's TU Go app to call or text from more than just my phone meant that no challenge was too great.

Like Matt, I am not a keen gardener however I am a keen ice-creamer. To know me well is to know and understand my love of ice-cream. So the gardening challenge wasn't the most straightforward but hiring the ice-cream van (made famous by the Olly Murs video for his single Thinking of Me) was definitely a step in the right direction and provided nutritional relief at the end of a hard day's landscaping. Some may say that ten consecutive 99s each complete with double Flakes, lashings of monkey's blood and chocolate hundreds and thousands is a little excessive but I honestly didn't start feeling sick for at least an hour after the final consumption act. The fact that I haven't glanced sideways at ice-cream since is neither here nor there... though everyone at the amazing charity Centrepoint was thrilled with their newly landscaped garden!

So ice-cream aside, TU Go challenge highlights, in no particular order, are: nipple tassels, a triangle, a romantic song dedication that was in fact sensationally axed in the edit and Matt's profile pic every time he contacted me.

Confused? Don't be - watch the VT challenges on the HuffPost Connectivity Channel.


And finally in the words of well, myself, I've got "TU Go"!