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Adam Horton

One half of Writer/Director duo The Horton Brothers

Adam is the taller, older, hairier half of writer/director duo The Horton Brothers. Joe is his shorter, younger, clean shaven counterpart. Over the last several years we have written & directed award-winning short films, music promos, art instillation pieces and sports promos that have aired at festivals all over the world. Our work can be seen at

What Actually Is The Force, and How Can I Use It, Anyway?

Many viewers and critics claimed to enjoy the original prequel upon it's release but with hindsight the feeling is that punters and pundits talked themselves into thinking they enjoyed it, when subconsciously they knew all along something was amiss.
16/12/2015 14:37 GMT

Rik Mayall: His Genius and Generosity

We wrote the film specifically with his voice in mind but as unproven directors with barely a short film to our name at that point, the general perception was that we didn't stand a chance of landing him. We didn't even have any real money on offer, so to actually get him for the part was amazing. 'Rik likes our script! Maybe we're not wasting our time with this film-making thing after all!', we thought.
20/06/2014 12:26 BST