25 October 2014

They Despise You - And Sometimes They Don't Bother to Hide It

The political class in this country are not in it to serve you. They are not in it to give back to their country. They are not in it to improve life for the ordinary hardworking people of this country. No. They believe that they have a right to rule, and they think that anything they do to stay in power is alright.

Russell Brand Reveals He Is Open To 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


Britain First Are Hurt The 'Right-Wing' Media Doesn't Support Them


Nigel Farage Got His Own Twitter Q&A Without Even Asking For One


The North Sea Has A New Oil Field, Pro-Indy Campaigners Are Not Happy

Colin Rennie/Aberdeen Press and/PA Archive

Britain To Be Hit With Massive EU Bill

Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Ebola 'Outbreak' Draws Out America's Right Wing Madhouse


The Week In 50 Funny Tweets


Look Who Is Heading Back To Murdoch's Payroll

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

Ukip To Romp To Victory At Rochester By-Election

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Blair Denies Saying Awkward Comments About Miliband

Dan Kitwood/PA Archive

EU To Hold Urgent Summit Over Demands For Extra £1.7bn For Brussels


7 Awkward Daily Mail Views The Tories May Not Want To Agree With

Daily Mail

Alex Salmond Eyes Return To Westminster As An MP

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

And This Year's Must-Have Halloween Costumes Are...

Tories Select Candidate For Rochester By-Election


What Cap? Here's Why Bankers Will Get Away With Bumper Bonuses

JOHN STILLWELL via Getty Images

Limit Prime Ministers To 7 Year Terms To 'Stop Them Going Mad'

IAN JONES via Getty Images

Tory MP: Ukip Defection Rumour 'Total B****cks'

REX Features
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Ed Reveals 'Immigration Crackdown', After Promising That 7 Times Before

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Brown Tipped As New Leader Of Scottish Labour

Garry F McHarg/PA Wire