4 March 2015

You Must Stand Up for What You Believe - But First of All, By God, Believe in Something

Michael Sheennhs Rex

No one says they want to get rid of the NHS. Everyone praises it, across all parties. It is about as powerful a symbol of goodness that we have, so it would be too dangerous not to. But for decades now, there has nevertheless been a systematic undermining of its core values.

Latest Income Figures Are Very Depressing If You're Under 30...

Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Boris Being Ambushed By 'Terror Apologist' Was Must Listen Radio

John Stillwell/PA Wire

Tory Minister Says Prosecuting Firms Paying Below Minimum Wage Is 'Envy'

Netanyahu Boosts Election Chances With Pantomime In Congress


Farage Dumps Ukip's Immigration Target 'Live On Air'

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

PMQs Was Mostly Just A Lot Of White Noise Today...

PA/PA Wire

Farage Reveals Ukip Does Not Want To 'Stigmatise' Immigrants


Ukip Migration Spokesman Shoots Down Farage's Ban On Terminally Ill Migrants

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

Crumbling Westminster May Be Abandoned

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ukip Immigration Spokesman Thinks WHICH PARTY Will Win The Election?

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hacking Games Could Be A 'Pathway To Organised Crime' Says Home Office

Imagezoo via Getty Images

The Tories Are Sticking To That Immigration Target They Missed Spectacularly

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

US Presidential Hopeful Uses Religion To Interpret Scientific 'Propaganda'

Lenny Ignelzi/AP

Labour's ‘Turing's Law' Would Pardon Thousands Of Gay Men

Heritage Images via Getty Images

The Tories And Lib Dems Think Very Differently About Osborne's Budget

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Boris Wants To Scrap Tpims, But Doesn't Know What They Are

John Phillips/EMPICS Entertainment

Sol Campbell Admits 'Political Ambitions' But Rules Out Kensington

Clodagh Kilcoyne via Getty Images

Cameron Dodges TV Debate With Miliband Week Before Election

AFP via Getty Images
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Presidential Candidate Definitively Proves Being Gay Is A Choice


Yet More Evidence Nick Clegg Has Lost The Student Vote (And Maybe His Seat)

Isabelle Tudor