7 October 2015

Let Us Build a Kinder Politics, A More Caring Society, Together

Jeremy Corbyn LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Slashing public services. Vandalising the NHS. Cutting junior doctors' pay. Reducing care for the elderly. Destroying the hopes of young people for a college education or putting university graduates into massive debt. Putting half a million more children in poverty. They want the people of Britain to accept all of these things. They expect millions of people to work harder and longer for a lower quality of life on lower wages. Well, they're not having it. Our Labour Party says no. The British people never have to take what they are given. And certainly not when it comes from Cameron and Osborne. Don't accept injustice, stand up against prejudice. Let us build a kinder politics, a more caring society together. Let us put our values, the people's values, back into politics.

David Cameron: We Will Send In Experts To Take Over Failing Social Services Departments

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Cameron Says Ethnic Minority Ministers Shows 'Modern' Tory Party

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

David Cameron's Plan For The 'Great British Take-Off'

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Watch David Cameron Make A Joke About Having Sex With His Wife

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Boris Johnson: I Will Challenge Government Over Tax Credits Cut Roll Out


The Waugh Zone October 7, 2015

Cameron Refuses To Answer Question About ‘Squalid' Human Rights Deal With Saudis

Channel 4 News

Guess How Much David Cameron Thinks An 'Affordable Home' Is Worth

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IDS Puts Pressure On Benefits Families Not To Have 'Third Child'

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Blair: 'Ideology That Drives Extremism Enjoys Significant Muslim Support'

Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Would-be Tory Leaders Struggle To Find Words For 'I Want The Job'

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Jeremy Hunt Attacks 'Irresponsible' Critics

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POLL! Which Was Boris Johnson's Best Line From His Tory Conference Speech?

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Under 25s Not 'Productive' Enough To Warrant National Living Wage Says Tory Minister

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Dear Jeremy Hunt: 6 Reasons British Workers Shouldn't Emulate The US And China

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Is Homeland Right To Include Rise Of Islamic State In Series 5?


Boris Johnson Jokes His Way Through Best Speech Of Tory Conference

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Watch Boris Johnson Make Fun Of Jeremy Corbyn's 'Vested Interests And Interesting Vests'


Protesters Hang Suited 'Tory' Mannequin From Motorway Bridge

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EU Membership A 'No Brainer,' Says Mandelson As David Miliband Warns Against Brexit

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Cameron To Exploit Labour Divide Over Syria

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

David Cameron Claims Jeremy Hunt Was 'Misquoted' On Asian Work Ethic Comments

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

The Waugh Zone October 6, 2015

Theresa May Lambasted For 'Pandering' To Anti-Immigration Sentiment

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

By 2017 People Will Vote To Leave EU To 'Whack' You, Cameron Warned

Jon Super/AP

Can You Guess David Cameron's Latest Idea To Tackle Truancy?

Ben Pruchnie/PA Wire