31 January 2015

Don't Let the Ridiculous Smears Fool You: Syriza Is No Party of the Radical 'Far Left'

What is "extreme" about providing free electricity and food stamps to 300,000 Greek families now living below the poverty line, as Syriza has pledged to do? Syriza's programme of debt relief, fiscal stimulus and financial support for the poorest, rather than the richest, is mainstream macroeconomics. The party is merely planning to do what the textbooks suggest.

Russian Ambassador Summoned After Putin's Bombers Fly Close To Bournemouth


Is This The Most Puerile Thing To Nearly Happen At PMQs?


The Tory Chairman Is Very Confused Over The Minimum Wage

ANDREW YATES via Getty Images

Miliband Reveals All About His Life As An 'International Sex Symbol'

Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard

Texas Politician Wants Muslims To Swear Allegiance To US Next To An Israeli Flag

Top Tory Leadership Contenders Jostle For Dave's Job


He's NOT Going For The Hat-Trick


These Protesters Made John McCain Bark

Win McNamee via Getty Images

This Happened 50 Years Ago Today

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Katie Price Gets Some High Profile Support Over Son's Taxpayer-Funded Taxis

Michael Gottschalk via Getty Images

Ukip Mock 'Delusional' Shapps For Ruling Out Post-Election Deal

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Ed Miliband Has A New Plasticine Doppelganger

Aardman Animations/PA

Ukip's Big Tax Cut Pledge Will Help The Rich Most

Schifres Lucas/ABACA

'Christian Bakers Might Poison Same-Sex Marriage Wedding Cakes'


This Call For Labour Unity From Lord Kinnock Probably Won't Work...

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

MPs Want Mark Carney To Save You From Interest Rate Rise 'Misery'


Peer Causes Outrage With This 'Unbelievable' Auschwitz Comparison

Phil Noble/PA Archive

MP Stuns Charity Boss With 'So Anorexia Works?' Question

Flying Colours via Getty Images
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SNP Would Support Labour Government On 'Case By Case Basis'

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Here's Why There's So Much Terror Content On YouTube