5 August 2015

Corbyn the Antidote to New Labour

Jeremy Corbyn recognises this and represents the best chance of us getting the Labour Party back to both its core values and the idea of being a mass movement. My message is that we must not allow the prospect of change to be strangled by a small clique with little to say beyond 'leave the politics to the professionals'.

Corbyn: Northern Powerhouse Is A Con-Trick

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George Osborne 'Casually' Loses Taxpayers £1billion In RBS Shares Sale

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'Madness': Johnson On Corbyn's Nutty Boys And Girls

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Abby Tomlinson Is Being Trolled Just For Being Young And Having A Political Opinion

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Ken Clarke: Jeremy Corbyn Could Win The Next Election

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Hillary Emails Call Cameron 'Aristocratic' And Boris A 'Clown Prince'

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Five Police Forces Investigate Allegations Against Former PM Heath

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9 British MPs Who Claimed More Than Buzz Aldrin Did For GOING TO THE MOON


Labour Was 'Out Of Touch', Obama Guru Says

Tim Ireland/AP

Conor McGinn's 15/15: My Dad Stood For Sinn Fein But Harriet Harman Is A Hero To Me


Alan Johnson To Break Silence On Labour Leadership

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Watch Jeremy Corbyn Give A Speech On A Fire Engine To Lots Of People


Tom Watson Calls For New Police Paedophile Unit And Justice For Survivors

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Former Prime Minister Was Accused Of Child Sex Abuse

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Jeremy Corbyn: Don't Bomb ISIL

BBC Newsnight

North Korea's Human Rights Abuses Are 'Western Propaganda'


Man Running For President Eats Greasy Pig Back Cooked On A Gun


'Jeremy Corbyn Is Not Hard-Left, Just Anti-Thatcherism' Claims Labour MP

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Why SNP MP John Nicolson's Interview With Ian Botham Is A Cult Hit

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Minister Reckons Calais Crisis Has 'Peaked'. Hauliers Beg To Differ

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Adam Hills Sent Someone To Follow Donald Trump With A Tuba And It Was Wonderful

The Last Leg/Channel 4

This Immigration Policy Was Condemned As Divisive. Now The Government Wants To Do It

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An American Talks To Different Generations Of Americans About Immigration

Steve Gerben/YouTube

Philip Hammond Accused Of Abandoning Campaign Against Death Penalty

Laura Lean/PA Wire

'Jeremy Corbyn Would Make The Poor Poorer' Labour's Shadow Chancellor Hits Out

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#IfJeremyCorbynWins Has Twitter Concerned, Outraged, But Equally Excited