24 April 2014

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Tony Blair, the Violent Islamist's Best Friend

Tony Blair Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The former prime minister gives speeches pontificating about the threat from radical Islam in the Middle East, ignoring the fact that his invasion of Iraq helped bolster that threat. And so too does his support for the military junta in Egypt.

Record Number Of Brits Happy With Chancellor Osborne

George Osborne Alistair Darling
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

It Turns Out Ukip 'Voter' In Party Manifesto Actually Works For Nigel Farage

Lizzy Vaid

'Give Independent Scotland A Vote On EU Membership'

Scotland Flag Eu Referendum
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Farage: Maybe David Moyes Should Join Ukip

Fergie Farage

Nigel Farage Denies Employing German-Born Wife Is Hypocritical


RAF Typhoons Chase Off Two Russian Surveillance Planes Detected Off Coast Of Scotland


WATCH: Rudyard Kipling's 'If' Gets A Reworking For St George's Day

Hundreds Of Brits Prove Nigel Wrong To Say 'Nobody' Could Be His PA

Ukip Voted Against A Resolution To Clampdown On Ivory Trading

PICS: Tweeters Spoof THAT Ukip Poster

LOOK: The Bible Predicted David Cameron's Christianity

8 Seats Boris Johnson Could Return To Parliament From

Tony Blair Told 'Shortcuts Cannot Be Taken With Guns And Missiles'

Tory: Ukip Poster Campaign 'Divisive, Offensive And Ignorant'

Boris Johnson 'To Announce Parliament Bid By Summer'

Publish Iraq War Report, Ex-Blair Attorney General Says

Attorney General Defends Cameron Over Controversial 'Christian Country' Comments

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