1 December 2015

Labour Cannot Risk Being Tarred as a Party of Illegal and Irrational War Once Again

The 2003 vote to invade Iraq has haunted Labour ever since - losing millions of votes that have yet to be regained and causing around half the party's membership to resign. Nothing in Labour's history has traumatised it quite so much perhaps. Now again Labour is being asked to support a war that lacks clear United Nations sanction - or a coherent purpose.

EU Referendum: Britain Will Be Less Secure Outside The EU, Warns Labour's Alan Johnson

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Millionaire Peer Says Tips Are 'Outdated' - Because Minimum Wage Is Enough

Parliament TV

Hilary Benn Denies Wanting To Take Over As Labour Leader

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The Waugh Zone December 1, 2015

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Is This The Woman Who Could Lead Us Out Of The EU?

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Corbyn Accused By FrontBencher Of 'Double Dealing'

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PM Announces Commons Syria Vote

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Top US Intelligence Chief Calls Iraq War A 'Huge Error'

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Tom Watson Writes To PM On Syria

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Jeremy Corbyn Has 'Turned' Public Opinion On Syria Bombing, Claims Aide

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PM Secures Enough Labour MPs To Win Syria Vote, HuffPost UK Understands

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Facebook Closes... Then Republishes The Britain First Group Page

Britain First

Watch Labour MP Compare David Cameron To 'Hitler In His Bunker' During Bizarre Syria Rant


99 Labour MPs To 'Vote To Bomb Syria'

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Watch Jeremy Corbyn Tell Off 'Very Rude' Media Scrum Blocking His Car


Corbyn Accused Of 'Bullying' Labour MPs During Feisty BBC Debate


Brexit Groups Gear Up For EU Referendum 'Ground War'

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The Waugh Zone November 30, 2015

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Free Vote 'Hands Victory To Cameron' On Syria, Says Diane Abbott

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Corbyn Faces Showdown With Shadow Cabinet Over Syria

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Tory Party Is Interviewing Its Own Chairman Over Tragic Bullying Allegations

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MPs 'Playing With Fire' If They Use Syria To Try To Oust Corbyn, Warns McCluskey

Rick Findler/PA Wire

Emma Thompson Threatens To Go All Nanny McPhee On Paris Climate Talks Leaders


Jeremy Corbyn Has Stamped His Authority On The Labour Party Over Syria


Ken Livingstone Has Backed China's Troops Over the UK's And Cameron Is Fuming

Alessandra Tarantino/AP

Grant Shapps Says 'Buck Stops With Me' In Resignation Over Bullying Scandal

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