28 August 2014

Calling Islamists 'Deranged and Deluded' Avoids the Real Issue

Every time something cruel happens, the reflex is go into the rattle bag of clichés of condemnation. What that does is prevent serious thought about the politics and ideology behind the decision to fly a plane into the World Trade Centre, murder Daniel Pearl in Pakistan because he was Jewish, and now butcher James Foley because he was American.

Why Are Palestinians Pouring Rubble On Their Heads?

James Foley's Murder Probably Didn't Happen The Way The Jihadis Want You To Think


Police Chief Told To Resign Over 'Appalling' Child Abuse

South Yorkshire PCC

'Why Are They So Intent On Ruining Notting Hill Carnival?'

Jonathan Brady/PA Archive

Nigel Farage: I'll Quit If Ukip Fails To Win Any MPs

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Festival-Goers Prove Yet Again They're Not The Best At Cleaning Up After Themselves


Lingerie Tycoon Must Have Said Something Pretty Bad To Be Abused Like This..

Yui Mok/PA Archive

The Internet Is Drooling Over France's Ridiculously Good Looking Economy Minister

ALAIN JOCARD via Getty Images

'Calling A Partner Fat Can Lead To Domestic Abuse,' Says Labour Shadow Minister

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Boris Johnson Announces Which Commons Seat He Wants

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ukip Leader Nigel Farage Selected As Candidate To Stand In Thanet At General Election


IMF Chief Lagarde Charged In Corruption Probe

MIGUEL MEDINA via Getty Images

These Businesses Don't Think Scottish Independence Is Such A Hot Idea

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Alex Salmond 'Wins' Second Scottish Independence Debate Against Alistair Darling (VIDEO)


South Yorkshire's Police Commissioner Shaun Wright Will Be Suspended By Labour If He Does Not Resign


Britain's Top Politicians Yet To Take The Ice Bucket Challenge


Lib Dems Plan Sex Education For Seven-Year-Olds

Paul Burns via Getty Images

RBS May Have Saved Its Rogue Bankers From Jail With 'Whitewash' Report

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
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'Like A Boring Episode Of Jeremy Kyle': Twitter Declares Two Losers In Shouty Scottish Debate

David Cheskin/PA Wire

Scotland's No Campaigners' Arguments 'Based On Fear'

David Cheskin/PA Archive

This Police Tactic 'Has Alienated Whole Swathes Of Communities'

Press Association

Who Won The Salmond-Darling Debate According To The Scottish Papers

Nick Sutton/Twitter

Bercow Faces Mutiny Over Commons Aussie Clerk Debacle


10 People Using The #IndyRef Debate As An Excuse To Have A Drink


Tories Accused Of Taking 'Shady Money'

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Clegg Attacks BoJo's James Foley Comments


Labour Urges A Major Reform Of University System To Help Build A 'Richer, Fairer' Country

Chris Ison/PA Archive