27 August 2015

Women-Only Train Carriages Won't Solve the Problem of Harassment and Are a Daft Idea

Even the British Transport Police believe that women-only carriages would be a "retrograde step in Great Britain, which could be thought of as insulting, patronising and shaming to both men and women".

9 Politicians Given Honours And Seats In The Lords

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Tory MP Who Claimed £2,200 For Clearing His Moat? Now Gets £300 A Day As A Lord

Ben Stansall/PA Wire

7 People Who Died After Having Their Benefits Taken Away

Yui Mok/PA Wire

More Than 4,000 Died Within Six Weeks Of Being Deemed 'Fit For Work', Reveal Government

Dave Thompson/PA Wire

If You Back Corbyn, You're Way Likelier To Believe The World Is Run By Secretive Elites

Immigration Hits 330,000, The Highest Figure On Record

WPA Pool via Getty Images

Trump Supporter Tells Hispanic Journalist 'Get Out Of My Country'


Authors Of Jeremy Corbyn's Women-Only Train Carriages Policy Speak Out

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Chilcot Defends Iraq Report Delays

David Cheskin/PA Wire

Culture Secretary Regrets 'Atmosphere Of Attack On The BBC'


Jeremy Corbyn Is 'Completely Bonkers,' Says Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Corbyn's Women-Only Train Carriages Idea Attacked By Cooper, Burnham And Kendall

Carl Court via Getty Images

Corbyn Could Champion Women-Only Train Carriages

Niall Carson/PA Wire

Trump Has Hispanic News Anchor Forcibly 'Deported' From Press Conference


Australian TV Broadcasts Comedy Tweet About PM's Furtive Sexual Proclivity


Fox News Decries 'Bearded Vegetarian Socialist' Who Hates America

Alastair Grant/AP

100 Young People Write Open Letter Pledging Support To Labour MP Sadiq Khan For London Mayor

Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

Liz Kendall Is Getting Sassy With Her Internet Trolls


Official - It's The Greens, Not The Tories, Infiltrating Labour Leadership Race

Nick Ansell/PA Wire
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Cat Smith talks Jeremy Corbyn, Jesus Christ and Why 'Socialism' Isn't 'Radical'

Cat Smith

Corbyn Criticised By Cooper For Meeting 'Homophobes And Anti-Semites'

Carl Court via Getty Images

Chuka Umunna Denies Forming Anti-Corbyn 'Resistance' Cell

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Andy Burnham's Awkward Answer On A Woman Labour Leader

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn Most Unpopular Candidate Among Labour Voters, Survey Claims

Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

18 Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women


Labour Leadership Contest A 'Disaster,' Says Ex-Cabinet Minister