31 July 2014

Dreams and Fairytales of Democracy

Growing up, I had a very simplistic view of the word 'democracy'. In history lessons, I'd learned about the past and how nations had been ruled by kings, queens or dictators. I was proud to live in a country where decisions weren't taken for us by one person, but where we the people could choose our own future. What an amazing, childish dream!

Russell Brand To Fox News Anchor: 'You're Wrong About Gaza And You Look Like A Ken Doll'

YouTube/Fox News

Marching Israelis In Tel Aviv Chant 'There's No School In Gaza, There Are No More Kids Left'


You'll Never Have Got Poorer So Fast By 2015 Since The Victorian Era

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

What On Earth Are Flat Taxes And Why Should You Care?

Marilyn Nieves via Getty Images

Isaac Hertzog Tells Newsnight Gaza Offensive Is Part Of Broader Clash Between Extreme Islam And Moderate States


Scots Abroad Less Patriotic, Apparently

STAN HONDA via Getty Images

'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' - Minister's Austerity Warning To Scotland's Yes Campaigners

David Cheskin/PA Archive

PM Lambasted For Visiting Scene Of Dawn Immigration Raid


Thousands Of Firms 'On The Brink Of Shutting Up Shop'

Andrey Popov via Getty Images

Stop The Personal Attacks On Ed Miliband, Warns Ex-Tory Cabinet Minister

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Christians LOSE High Court Bid Claiming Boris Banned Anti-Gay Bus Advert For Political Purposes


6 Things Cameron Ignored To Scaremonger About Benefit Tourism

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Got Away With Your Bank Bonus After The Crash? Carney Won't Touch You

Peter Macdiarmid/PA Wire

Kirsty Wark Subjects Dore Gold To A Testy Newsnight Interview Over Gaza Child Deaths


Lords Committee Says EU's Online 'Right To Be Forgotten' Law Is Unworkable

Shutterstock / l i g h t p o e t

Labour Dismiss Cameron's Talk Of Increasing 40p Tax Threshold

Yui Mok/PA Archive

What Locals REALLY Think Of Tony Blair And His Middle East Peace-Making Efforts


George May Get His Former Adviser To Run The BBC

Oli Scarff via Getty Images
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Cameron Has Announced Plans To 'Build A Different Kind Of Britain'

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

WATCH: David Cameron Finally Gives An Honest Speech About Fracking


Get The Nigel Farage Look: Ukip Makes £80,000 From Online Shop


Rich Tory Ministers Told To Give Salaries To Baroness 'Beyoncé'


Eddie Mair Relieved Evan Davis Landed Newsnight Role


'A Great Steaming Pile Of Fudge': Labour Spin Doctor's Verdict On Miliband

Chris Ison/PA Archive

BP Really Does Not Want The West To Punish Putin Any More

AFP via Getty Images

Bankers Urged To Swear An Oath Not To Rip Off Their Customers

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Air Strike On Gaza Park Near Refugee Camp 'Kills 8'