19 September 2014

Gordon Brown - Next First Minister of Scotland?

I have never been a big fan of Gordon Brown. In fact, I've never voted Labour in my life. However, whatever my personal feelings, if I was advising Gordon Brown, this is the picture I would paint for him. Like him or loath him, if he is the man that saved the Union, this all becomes quite plausible. Watch out Salmond. The Clunking Fist of Brown isn't finished with you, or the SNP, just yet.

The News That's Likely To Make Yes Voters Pretty Mad..

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Video That Proves The Referendum Result Was Definitely [NOT] Rigged


Scottish Independence Debate Has Been 'Settled For A Generation,' Says PM

David Cameron's Scotland Speech: A Translation


'I Am Embarrassed To Be Scottish,' Yes Voters Are Sad


Scottish Referendum Poll Gives 'No' Win By 54% To 46%


'He Was A Shite Prime Minister, But What A Speech,' Brown's Referendum Triumph

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Count In Glasgow Investigated For 10 Cases Of Suspected Electoral Fraud

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

'We Couldn't Have Designed A Worse Fucking Campaign'

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Scottish Referendum Could Have Been Rigged.. Say The Russians

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

11 People Who Nearly Lost Us Scotland


Now The North's Newspapers Have United To Demand Devolved Power

The Journal

Nigel Farage Isn't Terribly Pleased With The Whole More Powers For Scotland Thing..


The Week In 50 Funny Tweets: A Scottish Referendum Special


What Is The West Lothian Question And Is There An Answer To It?

Bloomberg via Getty Images

How The PM Will Tackle The Awkward Issue Of Constitutional Change

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Scottish Referendum First Results Gives 'No' Lead


Referendum Day In An Edinburgh Pub, Independence Tastes Nice But It Comes At A Price

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images
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Ukip Has Big Plans In Scotland Now #IndyRef Is Over

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#IndyRef Has Attracted The Most Voters In Scotland's History

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The Pictures That Show It Was A Big Night On The Town In Scotland

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Gove Declares 'Union Safe' As Results Roll In

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10 Videos Of Alex Salmond Being Brilliant

Sky News

Finally... St. Andrews Golf Club Votes To Admit Women


An 'Inspirational Day Of Democracy'

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Alex Salmond Goes From Happy To Sad Yesterday

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The Week In (Funny) Pictures