24 July 2014

Nine Things the Israeli Ambassador Conveniently Didn't Say About Gaza

The suffering in Gaza continues unabated. The strip is blockaded from land, sea and air and bombed from land, sea and air. The death toll has climbed past 550, including at least 100 Palestinian children. Yet, still, silver-tongued Israeli officials continue to take to the airwaves to defend the indefensible.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart: We Need To Talk About Israel

Comedy Central UK

Embarrassing News For Dave...

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Why Putin Just Might Be Undone

STRINGER via Getty Images

This Tweet From Lib Dem MP Has Not Gone Down Well...


Ukip Councillor Has Very Sensitive Things To Say About 'Fat, Thick And Poor People'


David Ward Issues 'Half-Arsed' Apology After 'Vile' Gaza Tweets

David Ward/Facebook

Will 'Mrs Miliband' Turn Out To Be Ed's 'Secret Weapon'?

ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images

'It's Important We Don't Stigmatise Individual Nationalities'

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

5 Rich Russian Pals The Tories Would Prefer You Forgot


Incredible Picture Of The Gaza Conflict Taken From The ISS

Alexander Gerst

Did Osborne Really Save The Economy? Bank Of England Doesn't Think So..


Trojan Horse Report Finds 'Aggressive Islamic Ethos' In Birmingham Schools

PA/PA Wire

IDS Finds Poor Hit Hardest By His Benefit-Stripping Decisions

AFP via Getty Images

Ed Miliband Meets Barack Obama: Your Funniest Picture Captions

Smoke Billows Above Gaza While Flights Banned From Ben Gurion Airport


Lib Dems Blame Coalition, Tuition Fees And TV Debates For Election Drubbing

Ian West/WPA-Rota

EU Moves To Impose Economic Sanctions Against Putin's 'Cronies'


Carney Says UK Economy Must Perform Like A Marathon Runner

Oli Scarff via Getty Images
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Tony Blair's Journo Escape Route Suppered By Insolent Lift

Channel 4 News

How Would Justine Miliband Look On The Door Of No. 10?

ANDREW YATES via Getty Images

Ed Balls Laughs Off His Name With Rather Naughty Jeremy Hunt Gag


If Wonga Adverts Told The Brutal Truth

EU Exit 'Not An Option,' Says Conservative Party Business Spokesman

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Ex-Ukip MEP Nikki Sinclaire Charged With Money Laundering

AFP via Getty Images

From 'War Crimes' To 'Deliberately Disproportionate' - Which Politician Has Said What On Gaza

PA/PA Wire

David Ward Issues 'Half-Arsed' Apology After 'Vile' Gaza Tweets

David Ward/Facebook

Former Ukip MEP Charged With Money Laundering

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive