31 July 2015

Alex Salmond Thinks a Second Scottish Referendum Is Inevitable and It May Happen Sooner Than People Think - Here's How

Just 10 months after Scotland voted to preserve the union, Salmond's view is that another vote is "inevitable". Why is this news? After all, the constitutional goal of the SNP is to forge a breakaway Scotland. Plus, Salmond has casually dropped a variation on the "inevitable" line in every interview since the end of last year, stripping the "new" out of "news". Yet his comments were instructive on when another vote could take place.

Cameron's Response To Migrant Crisis Is 'Racist,' Says Calais Deputy Mayor

Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Why Corbyn-mania Has Inspired 'A Very British Coup' Sequel

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Diplomacy, Not Demonising, Offers Calais Solution

Yui Mok/PA Wire

Osborne Reportedly 'Met Murdoch' Ahead Of BBC Cuts Announcement


Liz Kendall Speaks Out Over 'Virus' Comments And Corbyn's Lead

BBC Newsnight

Vote Corbyn, Get Galloway, Ex-Respect MP Says In LBC Interview

Andrew Milligan/PA Archive

Watson Warns Corbyn Will Find Discipline 'Difficult'

Yui Mok/PA Wire

Tom Watson On Jeremy Corbyn's Rebellious Streak

CARL COURT via Getty Images

Trump Tells Scotland: 'The World Has Asked Me To Be Here'

Jan Kruger via Getty Images

The 10 Stages Of A Media Frenzy Over A Lion Named Cecil

Adam Bettcher via Getty Images

Ukip's Roger Helmer Suggests Calais Invasion, Gets Burned

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Andy Burnham: I Have Never Worn Mascara

Joe Giddens/PA Archive

UK Minister's Explosive Reaction To Cecil The Lion Killing

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership Bid Wins Backing Of Two More Unions

Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Nigel Farage Tells Eurosceptics To Get Off Their 'Backsides'

Carl Court via Getty Images

Tory MP Sparks Outrage With Plan To Send Calais Migrants 'Back To Africa'

David Jones/PA Archive

David Cameron Is 'Disgraceful' For Branding Migrants A 'Swarm'

Paul Ellis/PA Wire

Anti-Semitic Hate Crime Doubles In London In A Year


Twitter Backlash After Farage's 'Inflammatory' Calais Migrant Crisis Comments

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Bold Claims About Cabinet Ministers' Drugs History From This Ex-MP

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Burnham And Cooper Move To Stop Stormin' Corbyn

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'Despicable'! Top MP Wants Inquiry After Cecil The Lion Killing

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Parliament Remains The Last Place In Britain Where Workers Can't Do This...

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Nick Clegg Turns Down Job In Tim Farron's Lib Dem Team

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UK Firms To Reveal Whether They Have Taken Action To Avoid Using Slave Labour

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