21 October 2014

MPs Should Trust Voters and Support Real Recall

Recall would strengthen the link between an MP and their constituents, which is at the heart of our representative democracy. Real recall would mean MPs who are involved in serious misconduct, fail to represent their constituents (think Nadine Dorries or George Galloway ditching the Commons for reality TV), switch parties without triggering a by-election or break electoral promises could face recall if enough of their constituents demand it.

Green Party Surges Past Lib Dems In Latest Poll

Chris Ison/PA Archive

'Ukip Calypso' Song Warns Of 'Illegal Immigrants In Every Town'


Ukip Calypso Mercilessly Mocked On Twitter And Rightly So


Ukip's New EU Ally Joked About Wife Beating And Defended Hitler


Nick Clegg Wants To Overhaul Your Parenting

Fiona Hanson/PA Archive

We're On The Verge Of Becoming A 'Permanently Divided' Nation

Steven Weinberg via Getty Images

IDS Goes After Benefit Fraudsters, But What About These 3 Bigger Costs?

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Hurricane Gonzalo Caused By Success Of The Movie 'Pride', Says Ukip Councillor

John Giles/PA Wire

George Is Really Struggling To Stop Borrowing So Much

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Loads Of People Want This Tory Minister Sacked

David Jones/PA Archive

You're A 'Numskull' If You're Worried About The TTIP Deal, Says Boris


Why Ukip Rochester By-Election Win Could Open Defection Floodgates...

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

David Cameron Making 'Historic Mistake'


NHS Pledge Shows Ed Miliband Either 'A Cynic Or An Idiot'

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

'I Could Join The BNP And Not Get Sacked' Claims MP Of Recall Bill

PA/PA Wire

Cameron 'Pandering To Ukip' With Controversial New Peer

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Farage Defends Striking Deal With MEP Who Joked About Hitting Women

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

More Tory MPs Belong In Ukip, Says Ken Clarke

Danny Lawson/PA Archive
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Nigel Farage Gives Ukip Calypso His Unwavering Support

Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Tommy Robinson Won't Be Speaking At Oxford Union For One Crucial Reason