25 October 2016

Tories Try To Bury U-turn On Apprenticeship Cuts

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Labour MP Gets The Giggles For Her Incredible Question On Brexit And Bird Sex

7 Things We Learned From John Rees-Evans Ukip Leadership Promo Video

JRE For Leader

Exclusive: Zac Goldsmith To Resign Over Heathrow

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Obama Reads Mean Tweets, Gets In Cracking Donald Trump Jibe

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Heathrow Expansion Approved By Government

Matt Cardy/PA Wire

Whittingdale Attacks 'Draconian' Concept Of Imposing Costs On Press Even If They Win Legal Case

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Labour Fined £20,000 For Failing To Declare Election Spending Including The 'Ed Stone'

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

The Waugh Zone October 25, 2016

STEFAN ROUSSEAU via Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn's Campaign Director Warns Labour Not 'Fit' To Fight General Election

Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Corbyn's Campaign Director Says 'Intellectually Bankrupt' Labour MPs Need Replacing

The Huffington Post

Diane Abbott Accuses Daily Mail Of 'Smear' After 'Calling Out' Ill Treatment Of Refugees


Betting Machines Likened To 'Crack Cocaine' Face Government Review

Daniel Hambury/PA Wire

Children Dress As Paddington Bear To Protest Child Refugees' Uncertain Fate

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

May's Brexit Non-Answers Slammed By Sturgeon And Tory MPs

PA/PA Wire

Amber Rudd Defends Keeping Child Refugee Faces Covered After Age Row

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Green Party Leads Complaints Over How Tabloids Used Child Refugee Pictures

HuffPost UK

UKIP MEP Defends Cartoon Of Calais Migrants Singing 'Allahu Akbar'

Lynne Cameron/PA Archive

UKIP Leadership Frontrunner: MEP Punch-up Will Go Down Well With Some Supporters

Matt Cardy via Getty Images
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Ukip Leadership Candidate Admits Mistake Of Claiming 'Gay Donkey Raped His Horse'


This Poster Was Found Displayed On A Wall Inside Parliament

Chi Onwurah

Labour 'Infected With Anti-Semitism Virus,' Says Former Shadow Cabinet Minister

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

The Waugh Zone October 25, 2016

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Syrian Refugees On 'A Pound An Hour' Found Making Clothes For Some Of Britain's Biggest Shops

BBC Panorama

Ukip's 'Frontrunner' For Leader Is Sparking Outrage For This Now-Deleted Post

Watch Trump Supporters Confront The Media By Quoting Hitler

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images