"Simply being a man who has sex with men is not a good enough reason to exclude someone from donating blood."
Women are facing debt or 'dodgy deals' from online sperm donors.
I’m not denying that the NHS and key workers deserve our support in the pandemic – but LGBT people like me wish the public had chosen another symbol, writes Rachel Charlton-Dailey.
For this change to offer justice to all women, the VAWG sector must learn to recognise trans women survivors as both the women and survivors that they are, writes Evie Muir.
Liz Truss makes the commitment after three equality advisers quit over a “hostile environment” for LGBTQ people.
Jayne Ozanne and James Morton have resigned over the government's failure to ban “conversion therapy”, branding Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch “ministers for inequality”.
Layla Moran urges the government to "stop making excuses" ahead of a debate on the dehumanising practice in the Commons.
My mom’s guidelines were clear: we will accept this, but we will not talk about it — not even with each other.
With no LGBT sex education, I grew up copying what I saw in porn – adopting not just the techniques but the harmful stereotypes too.
I often struggle to feel sexually adequate in a body which falls short of our cis-centric society’s standards for ‘proper men’. This is what it’s like.