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"He was encouraging me to ‘get comfortable and be really urban’ during a conversation."
"This morning I knew her and now I don't. I don't even know how to bring this up or what. I definitely can't go buy the ring and pretend."
The director's spouse, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, recently commented on the public's "bizarre" interest in their relationship.
The couple wed in 2021, seven years after meeting on the set of The Voice.
"I can officially say I’ve gotten the ick. This man sucks.”
"My wife and I are currently on day three of a silent argument of who is going to clean the lasagna pan that's soaking next to the sink."
Heartbreaking and honest real talk from divorced men.
Anna Lundberg, Sheen's girlfriend, is 5 years older than his daughter.
The signs of lying aren't actually what we thought they were.
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