Your oldest sister will feel so validated by this.
Front-of-house staff share the things guests do that really irk them.
If employees are expected to swipe into the office, chances are some people are doing this.
Although the experience is common among millennials and Gen Zers, it can affect anyone, no matter how much is in your bank account.


A two-time Oscar nominee was apparently in the running to appear in the hit Netflix series before Jessica Gunning was cast.
Headed to Worthy Farm this year? Here's everything you need to know.


The Reform UK leader has previously accused the West of "provoking" the Russian leader.
The Reform UK leader has previously spoken of his "admiration" for the Russian leader.
As voting day approaches, are British authorities doing enough to prevent "hostile actors" and AI disinformation?


Kevin Craig is standing for the party in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.
Craig Williams said he was guilty of "an error of judgment, not an offence".
Predictions that the Conservatives will win more than 100 seats may be optimistic.
"I share the anger, I share the frustration," Michael Tomlinson said.
Almost 50,000 migrants have crossed the Channel since Rishi Sunak got into No.10.
The PM has been criticised for failing to suspend those accused of putting money on the date of the election.
“I would, also, immediately agree to one!!!" the former president wrote in capital letters on his social media platform.
“Donald Trump is the sole person responsible for this nightmare,” the US president said of his Republican rival two years on from the Supreme Court decision.

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