“He had the quality of being simultaneously frightening and cuddly, which is rare and rather wonderful,” Stephen Fry said.


Tinder has furiously denied the findings from a concerning investigation.
Weigh-ins can sometimes lead to avoiding health checkups altogether. Here's how to ask your doctor to skip the scale.
Plan B is being scrapped, but don't throw your mask out yet.
Follow these simple, expert-backed hacks to inject your day with a little calm and confidence.


Women have been abysmally underrepresented on all Covid advisory boards – and now we know by how much.
Soon you won't need to wear a face mask, work from home, or show a Covid pass. Thoughts?
It comes after Boris Johnson announced that Plan B measures were being dropped across England.


"Stop selling,” the ex-Commons speaker implores, before bellowing “Order!”
The latest estimate of England's R rate is between 0.8 and 1.1.
She claimed the PM "knows he broke the rules" over the Downing Street gatherings.
The monarch refused to bend lockdown just for Prince Philip's funeral last year.
One person tweeted in reply: “Hey Siri, how do I drop myself and others right in it?”
Sajid Javid even said that the public are "right to be angry" over the alleged parties.
Commons public administration committee chairman hits out at "intimidation" of MPs who want to oust the prime minister as party leader.
But Sajid Javid admitted that he will still be wearing a face mask in shops.
The health secretary said the PM had his "complete support".

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