"The public, especially younger individuals, are sharing intimate images in increasing numbers without considering the consequences."
Archaeologists have uncovered a vital piece of information that may explain how the pyramids were built.
It's a dreaded day in the UK, but why do we even have Flying Ants Day?
"At that time, the band had broken up, and I was told they would never reunite. But that’s not what happened."


She also referred to The Osbournes as "the most boring family known to mankind" in a candid Instagram post.
"Any scene or plotline similarities to these real-world events are coincidental and unintentional."
The Good, Luck Babe! singer also admitted certain fans have begun giving off “stalker vibes”.
Fans were not happy when the Acolyte star's lines were cut from the Hollywood blockbuster.


The Russian authoritarian leader appears to have snubbed the former US president.
The prime minister had earlier insisted the US leader was not "senile".
Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he has the green light to use British missiles to attack Russian targets.


She is still complaining that briefing notes "impugned my name without evidence," even though mentions of her premiership have now been removed.
“Quite frankly, the only thing age brings is a little bit of wisdom,” the president said in an interview set to air Wednesday night.
The foreign secretary also said he "gets on" with the former president's running mate JD Vance.
The prime minister says he wants to "renew our relationship" with the EU.
"It was a funny thing to do, but it was a serious thing because of the tragedy that happened," one attendee said.
The 81-year-old president was campaigning earlier in the day.
"Before you know it, you have a bright future behind you," the ex-PM joked.

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