Health professionals will argue that women are disproportionately affected by the tax.


Creator Richard Gadd tapped into experiences from his own life to make his powerful new miniseries.
The former Hole singer has also apparently had a change of heart about the singer she once described as a "musical genius".


"Terror must be defeated completely and everywhere, not more in some places and less in others."
Foreign secretary says meeting with Donald Trump was "private" but urges America to provide more military aid.
The foreign secretary is trying to boost Republican support for Ukraine.
Insiders told The Washington Post of the former president’s supposed strategy to end Russia’s invasion.


New polling shows the controversial policy will need to dramatically slash the number of small boat crossings to boost the Conservatives' poll numbers.
The former prime minister's short stint in No.10 is mainly remembered for her disastrous mini-budget.
Former Tory adviser Luke Tryl said it would be "historically unusual" if Keir Starmer does not end up in No.10.
The Biden campaign even offered a lullaby for the former president.
The judge refused a request to appear at the US Supreme Court next week and said it was too soon to decide if Trump could attend his son's graduation.
Laura Farris insisted there was no "logistical" reason why the flights could not take off.
The BBC's political editor said the former PM's time in office left the UK "an international laughing stock".
Contested legislation to return to the House of Lords on Tuesday as political “ping-pong” continues.
The company's stock value tanked 18% after it announced a plan to add more shares.
James Daly, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, made the complaint to police that has led to an official investigation.

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