"I’m roasting garlic in the oven. My 13 year old thinks it smells like weed. I can relax now, confident that my youngest child has never smoked weed."
Dementia isn't always entirely preventable, but taking these steps can help to reduce your risk.
"Thought some notification had come in on my husband’s phone but turned out it was the cat snoring."
If you've noticed that you've hit a plateau with your workouts, it may be time to change your exercise routine.


Yes, there really are rules around what game show contestants can and cannot wear.
One infamous scene from Netflix's Beckham documentary is still being discussed six months later.


"Terror must be defeated completely and everywhere, not more in some places and less in others."
The former US president seems to be the go-to guy on a certain matter.
Foreign secretary says meeting with Donald Trump was "private" but urges America to provide more military aid.


There are many issues to tackle when we go to the polls, but this shouldn't still be one of them.
The PM's suggestion that we risk "over-medicalising the challenges of every day life" has not gone down well.
The Today programme host asked why "no action was taken" earlier over the Mark Menzies allegations.
The prime minister accused Labour peers of "blocking" the government's flagship policy.
The Good Liars found some unsual beliefs among the MAGA faithful at a recent rally.
The former president's latest complaint gets a cool reception on social media.
Host Fiona Bruce intervened after David TC Davies went on the offensive against Bridget Phillipson.
"Don't say you weren't warned," said Hasan, who used Trump's own words, and those of his allies, to set the ominous scene.
Police Scotland said Peter Murrell, the former party chief executive, had been arrested for a second time earlier on Thursday.
A juror identified only as "Kat" told MSNBC: "You know, he looked less orange, definitely like more yellowish, like yellow."

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