Yep, just a nail appointment can impact your health.
"The best part of a relationship is the connection we build with another human."
A handful of patients developed the condition after undergoing a now-banned procedure.


Alyssa Milano also acknowledged that it was "no secret that Shannen and I had a complicated relationship".
The Padam Padam singer made an entrance fit for a pop queen at the British Summer Time festival.
The BBC has insisted the exchange with Ed Deavey was "courteous, fair and duly impartial".


The prime minister had earlier insisted the US leader was not "senile".
Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he has the green light to use British missiles to attack Russian targets.
The Reform UK leader has previously accused the West of "provoking" the Russian leader.
The Reform UK leader has previously spoken of his "admiration" for the Russian leader.


The former president also detailed a "little problem" he's had since the shooting.
Lisa Nandy discussed the need for a reset in politics after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.
Over the past 24 hours, shocking images have shown the chaos that ensued during and after Saturday's shooting, including photos of a bloodied Trump.
“Unity is the most elusive of goals right now," the president said a day after someone attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a campaign event.
The former president said he was trying to send a specific message after the assassination attempt.
He said the former PM was "a millstone around our neck" during the election.
He spoke to Gary O'Donoghue shortly after the former president was fired upon.
The Reform UK leader said "MPs from all sides now are increasingly at risk" of attack.
The former prime minister stoked the Tory civil war by launching a fresh attack on her successor.
"Political violence in any form has no place in our societies," the prime minister said.

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