"I didn’t want to make a scene but also knew I couldn’t fake being happy for her."
"She said that she knew I wouldn’t agree but she doesn’t think this is a big deal.


In The Substance, Demi plays an aging celebrity who resorts to a fictional drug to clone herself as a younger, prettier version.
The Emmy winner spoke honestly about her "relentless daily mummy guilt" during an interview with Drew Barrymore.
The Friends actor died as a result of the "acute effects of ketamine" in October 2023.
Claudia Jessie is getting love online after she told a wild story on The Late Show.


Ukraine says Russia has lost almost 500,000 soldiers since invading Ukraine.
The Russian president said: "I am convinced that this view is shared by most people on the planet."


It turns out that even he's not nuts enough to actually take the stand.
The president did himself no favours in repelling concerns about his sharpness during a speech to the NAACP.
The International Monetary Fund has warned the chancellor not to bring down National Insurance again before the election.
Craig Mackinlay said he now wanted to be known as "the bionic MP".
If convicted, the former president could be sent to prison.
The clip foreshadows a second Trump presidency, President Joe Biden's campaign warned.
The minister described Israel as an "imperfect" state which is trying to protect its population.
"The government will of course be flailing around, desperate for someone else to blame, but this crisis is theirs," Labour's Emma Hardy said.

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