Etiquette experts weigh in on the considerations at play when it comes to throwing these parties.
If you find yourself plagued by thoughts of your former partner more often than you'd like, read this.
“She was too young to know when a stranger asks you how you are, you’re supposed to say, ‘I’m fine,’ and move on.”


Lane said he and his co-star “would record in the mornings sometimes” and “be a little sleepy,” resulting in a historic trait for the film's memorable warthog.
The new season of the hit Netflix period drama welcomes some new faces to the ton.
The popularity of K-dramas like Squid Game has skyrocketed in recent years – but some longtime fans are worried.


Trump said Putin would pay him a special courtesy but not "anyone else".
A proposal to redefine them was posted and then deleted from the Kremlin's website.
Ukraine says Russia has lost almost 500,000 soldiers since invading Ukraine.


The prime minister is leading a bitterly divided party towards its date with destiny.
The PM's unexpected general election announcement puts several bills at risk of being dropped.
The PM's attempt to be relatable was met with an uncomfortable silence.
"I'll explain it to you someday," the former US president said.
The Conservatives seem happy to forgive and forget the MP's stint on I'm A Celebrity.
But Labour leader says he prefers "talking to voters directly".
The audience could not help smiling in response to the BBC Question Time presenter's correction.
Claire Coutinho said, "let's be serious" when discussing carbon emissions.

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