Stop falling into this trap, and you just might experience joy more often.
When it comes to communicating with their humans, cats have some interesting preferences.


The new origins story starring Anya Taylor-Joy was quite a feat to pull off.
The American Idol judge previously told fans to "fight me" if they disagreed with her praise for this artist.
The British actor plays Colin Bridgerton in the latest season of the hit Netflix period drama.
Lane said he and his co-star “would record in the mornings sometimes” and “be a little sleepy,” resulting in a historic trait for the film's memorable warthog.


Trump said Putin would pay him a special courtesy but not "anyone else".
A proposal to redefine them was posted and then deleted from the Kremlin's website.
Ukraine says Russia has lost almost 500,000 soldiers since invading Ukraine.


Steve Baker said the policy had been "sprung on" Conservative candidates with no warning.
Lucy Allan's surprise endorsement is another blow for Rishi Sunak's stuttering election campaign.
Labour leader says he is hitting the general election campaign trail with a "smile".
Rishi Sunak wants to bring it back. But his own minister said there were "no plans" to do so because it could "damage morale".
Amid boos, the GOP presidential hopeful urged the skeptical group of conservatives to give him “lots and lots of libertarian votes.”
The PM's unexpected general election announcement puts several bills at risk of being dropped.
The top United Nations court has ordered Israel to halt its military operations in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.
The PM's attempt to be relatable was met with an uncomfortable silence.

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