NHS England has set an ambitious target to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040.
Even the pros feel like they're missing out sometimes. Here's what they do when those moments happen.
"...people on the upper floors of the building across the street could look right in."
Danger is lurking in some unexpected places — even your ice.


"In a time when we are all grappling with deepfakes and the protection of our own likeness [...] I believe these are questions that deserve absolute clarity."
Dannii Minogue will be welcoming a whole host of singles back to the Itali masseria next year.
The Trump campaign branded the movie "garbage" and said it "doesn’t even deserve a place in the straight-to-DVD section of a bargain bin".
The Aquaman star shared some candid loved-up snaps after "another amazing adventure with mi amor".


Ukraine says Russia has lost almost 500,000 soldiers since invading Ukraine.
The Russian president said: "I am convinced that this view is shared by most people on the planet."


The minister described Israel as an "imperfect" state which is trying to protect its population.
"The government will of course be flailing around, desperate for someone else to blame, but this crisis is theirs," Labour's Emma Hardy said.
A public inquiry found tens of thousands had been 'betrayed" by successive governments.
Tom Hunt claimed he had not seen "any evidence" the UK's departure from the EU had damaged our economy.
Cabinet minister Chris Heaton-Harris became the latest to announce they are standing down.
Top officials in Israel and key militant leaders could face war crime charges.
"I don't think it's acceptable," the Good Morning Britain presenter said.
The pubic spending watchdog said it was "still not clear" when the new arrangements will be up and running.
Minnesota's KSTP juxtaposed the former president's fresh denial to a reporter with what he actually said.
Paymaster general John Glen struggled when the Sky News host called out the PM's personal wealth.

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