"I opened up my Notes app on my phone to retrieve the email they had given me but... somehow their contact info had gotten deleted. I was devastated."


After Vernon Kay claimed to have never had Botox injections, the Oscar winner had no problems opening up about her own history.
"In the current climate it feels like a huge privilege to be on morning telly..."


Dmitry Medvedev said the concept of Ukrainian independence "needs to disappear forever."
The crowd lining the streets in Moscow chanted "no to the war" in defiance of the Russian president.
The Russian president there would be "tragic" consequences for the West in major speech on the Ukraine war.
"Putin is the leader of an organised criminal gang," Yulia Navalnaya said.


The first defeat on the plan to help “stop the boats” paves the way for a game of parliamentary “ping-pong”.
The decision overrules a Colorado court's decision disqualifying Trump due to his role inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
He has been in and out of different parliamentary seats since 1987.
Paul Scully warns party to stop acting like "b***ends" if it wants to win the election.
Just the latest bit of a bad news for the beleaguered prime minister.
Earlier this week, a White House official said that the Israelis “have more or less accepted” the cease-fire proposal.
Hint: What are our taxes like right now, after 14 years of the Conservative Party?
Shami Chakrabarti accused the PM's own ministers of "pouring fuel on the flames of polarisation" across the UK.
The chancellor refused to "go into details" about the "extremist" groups Rishi Sunak claimed are trying to "tear us apart".

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