Life As A Parent

"Apologise for yelling at your mother. We don't yell at her, she yells at us."
"62% of parenting is improvisational theatre."
Even mums and dads with the very best of intentions can slip into these potentially damaging habits.
“I am ashamed to say that at times I wished I had never become a mother. I grieved for the life I had before."
"Welcome to parenthood. You just stepped in a puddle. Inside your house."
Campaigners are calling for better support, saying nothing has changed since 2020's landmark review.
Sheridan Smith’s split may resonate with new parents struggling with stress and sleep deprivation.
"Dropping my daughter off at camp and she’s a little anxious. Told her to find the biggest camper and start a fight to establish dominance."
"'Why don't you ever tweet nice stuff about your kids?' asked my idiot daughter."