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Exposing the personal and political impact of the cost of living crisis – who is paying, who is accountable, and how we can help

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden is urging people to prepare for widespread power and internet outages.
Ofgem will be increasing the cap by 5% in the New Year.
Some charities are reporting greater demand for toys, yet fewer donations. Here's how you can help.
1.3 million young people have stopped activities outside of school because it’s no longer affordable.
"If I get too cold I can get ill," says Laura Smith, who lives with MS. "My symptoms get so bad that I can’t move and am at much higher risk of falling."
″How can he or anyone in his government understand what it is like to be in those shoes?"
A charity slammed "the ongoing lack of political will to address chronically low incomes".
A critical alert has been issued to around 12 million people in the UK.
Just a slight tweak could make all the difference.
September's groceries were less expensive than August's, but still not as low as last year's.
“As time’s gone on, we’ve always been really aware of how much more expensive and how unachievable things like these kind of life goals are."
“I feel like I am juggling everything on my own and every day I am struggling to make ends meet,” one mum tells HuffPost UK.
Pro cooks share the simple ways they go about minimising food costs in their own kitchens.
Oh good – it's almost time to switch the heating on again.
Citizens Advice say the government need to step in to protect the most vulnerable.
The shadow cabinet minister said Labour increased real wages by £58 a week between 2000 and 2010.
It's thought nearly three million people are experiencing, or at risk of, malnutrition right now.
There are a tough few years ahead, according to economists.