A photographer caught the polluting waste pouring into Langstone Harbour via his drone.
Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were stabbed to death in a park in Wembley in June last year.
It's just the latest development in the ongoing debate about waste in UK waterways ahead of COP26.
More than 80 hippos in Colombia are the first non-human creatures to be legally considered people by a US court.
Buckingham Palace said the monarch was seen by specialists in London on Wednesday.
The Met Office issues a yellow rain warning covering overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday.
There's been a rising number of cases of women being spiked by injections in nightclubs and at house parties.
The Metropolitan Police commissioner said officers have a "hill to climb" to regain trust.
Hospital admissions are six times higher – and deaths are three times higher – in Britain when compared to European nations.
A further 223 people died as of Tuesday – bringing the country's total to 138,629.
The LBC host claimed, the government's strategy was "almost psychopathic in its in silliness, in its dangerousness".
The trio dropped the bombshell revelation while accepting the prestigious £843,000 Planeta literary prize in front of King Felipe VI of Spain.
Nearly 50,000 confirmed daily infections as expert warns of waning immunity.
Firefighter drills in France, conflict in Lebanon and fall foliage in Maine are some of this week's most memorable images.
Her comments were met with shocked outbursts and murmurs from others.
“The days when you could feed a family of four with a £3 chicken are coming to an end."
Finally, an initiative that aims to change how men – not women – behave.