Heavy snowfall during Storm Arwen meant dozens have stayed at the Yorkshire Dales watering hole since Friday.
The storm has left homes in northern England without power for three nights in a row.
Ronny Jackson insisted the highly transmissible variant is just a trick to "push" midterm mail-in ballots.
He said the Covid-19 variant will "inevitably" go to the US if it is not already there and warned that it is "going to have an advantage in transmissibility".
The former British colony is set to become a republic on November 30, the 55th anniversary of its independence from Britain.
Many people are questioning how a 100% off discount can even be possible.
Famous Chinese photographer Chen Man promises to "improve my ideologies."
Wednesday was the deadliest day on record for people trying to get to the UK through the Channel.
People died in French waters while trying to reach UK shores on a dingy on Wednesday.
A Georgia jury convicted Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and neighbour William "Roddie" Bryan in the killing of the 25-year-old Black man in February 2020.
“The UK currently takes far fewer asylum seekers than many of our European neighbours.”
A timeline of all the complicated events which have unfolded in Wisconsin, US, over the last 14 months.
Video shows a red SUV speeding through the annual holiday event in Waukesha. Adults and children were among the victims.
The controversial Canadian psychologist even put air quotes around the word "racism".
The top British tennis player joined the online movement #WhereIsPengShuai on Friday.
Thousands of farm animals have died and whole communities have been evacuated after a storm swept in from the Pacific Ocean.
Thousands of migrants are are being brutally rejected from the EU and forced to squat in woodlands instead.
"Choose fair transport investment. Choose our future. Choose the north.”
The home secretary Priti Patel has confirmed the UK's threat level has moved from "substantial" to "severe".