The Ukrainian president called for the world to ‚Äúspread the truth‚ÄĚ about Russia‚Äôs invasion of Ukraine.
Reps for the Harry Potter author have slammed the prank call by infamous Russian hoaxters Vovan and Lexus.
The leaders of the EU's 27 countries have agreed to treat Ukraine as a possible member ‚ÄĒ bolstering the nation's resistance to a vicious Russian invasion.
UA:PBC and Kalush Orchestra have both voiced their "disappointment" at the EBU's decision Ukraine can not host in 2023.
Millions face being plunged into famine as the world experiences a food crisis on an ‚Äúunprecedented scale‚ÄĚ.
MP Tulip Siddiq had been pushing the government to help her constituents trying to rescue Ukrainian children only to be met with "bureaucracy".
But there is no "immediate threat" to the president's position despite 20,000 Russian soldiers having been killed in Ukraine so far.
"I think everyone is sad... that must have been a really terrible decision for the EBU."
Because of the war, "their graduation, their prom, their everything, just cracked," said photographer Stanislav Senyk.
"The fact is that they won and they deserve to have it."