Between Us

It's a common dilemma. Here's what parenting pros suggest.
A parent of a 13-year-old wonders if she's invading her daughter's privacy – or if this monitoring is a necessity to protect her.
A grandparent reveals their spouse only refers to their grandson as ‘the little one’ or will use his middle name – and it's causing an atmosphere.
"I’m trying to avoid the whole physical punishment thing. I don’t really believe in it and I also don’t have the stomach for it," says one parent. So, how should they respond to this phrase?
A desperate parent details how her tween daughter will hurt her – mainly around the time of her period. What can she do?
A worried parent reveals her 15-year-old hasn't been to school for seven months and has isolated himself from all his friends. She doesn't know how to help him.
A distraught parent reveals their son stole £200 from them. Now they want him out of the house.
A parent reveals their four-year-old no longer wants to stay at her grandparents' house – but their husband thinks they should make her.
This week, a HuffPost UK reader shares how their gentle, shy child gets hit or pushed a lot by other kids in social settings. Should they teach them to fight back?
A mum at wit's end describes how she's tempted to move out of their family home because of her teen's repeated bad behaviour towards her.