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But the atomic experts still spotted "ominous trends" around the world.
Catch up on some important international stories you may have missed in 2023 in our end-of-year roundup.
Yoav Gallant called for denying Palestinian people electricity, food, water and fuel as Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza.
Trudeau said that he and Grégoire Trudeau, who have been married 18 years, made the decision "after many meaningful and difficult conversations".
Two passenger trains have derailed in India, killing more than 230 people and trapping hundreds of others inside more than a dozen damaged rail cars.
This big cat wasn't cool with a tigress stealing his meal in India, a new online video shows.
The Turkish president is trailing in the polls ahead of Sunday's presidential contest.
Kentucky State Governor Andy Beshear was among those mourning a personal loss after the mass shooting in Louisville.
It wasn't until landing that the pilot realised the man, whose head had slumped onto his shoulder, wasn't pretending to nap, according to an aviation report.
A copy of the warrant also shows the former president is being investigated for removing or destroying records and obstructing an investigation.