Labour Party

With energy bills set to soar, it is not only the Tories who have been accused of being "missing in action".
The Labour leader has been criticised for being on holiday as the cost of living crisis worsens.
Silly season has seen Ed Davey and Gordon Brown lead the charge against the government.
The Tory leadership hopefuls are writing the Opposition's general election campaign material for them.
Allies say the leader is facing “a dangerous moment” as he prepares for a crunch party conference next month.
The former leader has been criticised for an appearance on Al Mayadeen in which he questioned the decision to send military assistance to Ukraine.
The Labour leader is under pressure over his stance on the party's approach to striking workers.
Kevin Lindsay of the Aslef train drivers' union says forcing the shadow minister out was a "step too far".
The Labour leader has angered unions and many on the left of his party.
"We're going to be ready for that election whenever it comes," Shabana Mahmood said.