Labour Party

Humza Yousaf blasted both main parties, calling the Tories "extremist" and saying Labour had "abandoned its principles"
The Labour leader said the prime minister should "let the country decide the change that it needs".
Shadow cabinet minister says former PM is plotting "a second chance to outlast the lettuce".
A clip of the incident shows the shadow chancellor was incensed at the interruption.
Analysis: The Labour leader delivered an assured performance but warned his upbeat party that the next election isn't in the bag.
Labour leader says fight to beat Rishi Sunak's "populism and conspiracy" has "barely begun".
The Labour leader was left covered in glitter following the incident.
The party leader will promise a "decade of national renewal" in his keynote speech to its annual conference in Liverpool.
The charity worked with IKEA to produce an effective visual at the Labour Party conference.