Labour Party

When their jobs have been hit hardest and they’ll bear the scars longest, our youth deserve better than this government is willing to offer, writes Labour MP Yvette Cooper.
Judge describes application as "fishing expedition" that risked "high-profile" identification of "innocent individuals".
I fear for our party’s future if we help stop a meagre corporation tax rise that would only affect the rich, writes Labour MP Ian Lavery.
Starmer’s speech had something for all Labour members to agree with. But it wasn't the earth-shattering intervention we need, write Ian Lavery MP, Jon Trickett MP and former MP Laura Smith.
Covid fog has made it even tougher to climb Labour’s electoral mountain.
Labour leader to say economic response to pandemic will "define the next election".
MPs including Diane Abbott say failure to publish risks ‚Äúdoubling down on the impression that the party does not take issues of anti-Black racism seriously‚ÄĚ.
Exclusive: Labour calls for action against ‚Äústructural racism‚ÄĚ to protect Black and Asian groups from the worst economic and health impacts of coronavirus.
Government sources have downplayed reports of pubs being allowed to open without alcohol.
The government is facing another big Tory rebellion, this time over the cladding scandal which has seen people trapped in unsafe, unsellable flats after the Grenfell disaster, because their buildings are covered in unsafe material. Boris Johnson’s lockdown caution is also causing consternation on the backbenches, as the vaccine rollout continues to move along at pace.