Labour Party

A new poll has found little support for a year-long campaign.
Robert Jenrick told Victoria Derbyshire "the public are undecided" despite Labour's seismic wins in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire.
Analysis: If they didn't before, Conservative MPs now know that the writing is on the wall after last night's devastating by-election results.
"I think Conservatives voters will be disappointed in that," the Labour victor concluded.
The previously-safe Tory seats of Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth both fell to Keir Starmer's party.
The Tories' 25,000 majority in Mid Bedfordshire was toppled in a huge blow for Rishi Sunak.
Pressure will mount on the prime minister after the Tories saw their 19,634 majority in Tamworth crumble.
Labour's deputy leader said going backwards on LGBTQ+ rights is not the path for electoral success.
The party is defending two safe seats - but Labour and the Lib Dems are aiming to pile more misery on Rishi Sunak.