Labour Party

The party leader had warned his top team they had to show "leadership" by not joining pro-strike demonstrations.
Opinion polls suggest Labour is on course to reclaim the Red Wall seat, but people are far from convinced by the party leader.
SNP bosses are reportedly considering the move if Boris Johnson continues to block indyref2.
“The only job that I am going after right now is Michael Gove’s," the shadow levelling up secretary said.
It follows reports that Boris Johnson might not replace Lord Geidt after his unexpected resignation this week.
'This is a shambles and it is shameful and the home secretary has no one but herself to blame,' Yvette Cooper said.
Doina Cornell was told that she would not be considered as the party's candidate in Stroud at the general election.
The Labour leader said he was "absolutely confident" he had not broken any rules.
A former employee at the pollster claimed the survey showed Jeremy Corbyn had won a TV debate during the 2017 election "by a country mile".