The much-loved Pride event was back to its glittering best after a three-year absence.
"Being married has changed me in ways I could never have expected. For instance, now I know who Carrie Bradshaw is."
Heartstopper's Yasmin Finney even gave a heartfelt speech which took aim at Boris Johnson.
"Honey, kids today have no idea what the climate was like."
"I just felt like it would be such a shame if I died tomorrow and no one ever saw this side of me."
"There’s a community waiting to hold you with open arms."
The only thing more adorable than the fictional characters' love story is seeing the real actors stand up for LGBTQ+ rights.
"For me to speak openly as a gay man and a proud gay dad, wearing a ball gown on stage – I never thought I could do that!"
The Vest & Boxers singer talks making the Heartstopper soundtrack and writing a new queer anthem for Gen Z.
"Gin aside, I love the mix of pumping music and cheering crowds."