Lord Frost appears to blame Brussels for trade barriers despite negotiating the deal to take the UK out of the single market.
Health secretary says people taking up their offer of a vaccine “will help us all get out of this pandemic”.
Downing Street points out over-50s and vulnerable patients with immunity problems face danger from Indian variant.
Tory MPs could be forced to defend the government’s proposed free speech laws in Commons divisions.
Boris Johnson's suggestion that a decision on scrapping “one metre-plus” could be taken before June is now in doubt.
Kwasi Kwarteng warns ability to reopen on June 21 could be jeopardised.
Labour has published its own strategy to end violence against women and girls.
General secretary candidate Steve Turner says project was a responsible use of members’ money
Health secretary rules out making vaccines mandatory as cases of India variant rise.
Howard Beckett row shows Labour must avoid new "war of the roses" with the union movement.