Prime minister said it "wouldn't be appropriate" for Jens Stoltenberg to address The Guardian's point about the military promise if the Tories lose the election.
He's not the first PM to suddenly find more cash for defence in their hour of need.
The deportation bill passed through parliament shortly before midnight on Monday.
The prime minister says the UK will spend 2.5% of GDP on the armed forces by 2030, after previously refusing to do so.
Flights could be taking off this summer – two years after the last attempt to get planes off the ground failed.
The PM is keen to get planes to Rwanda off the ground, but is yet to show the same enthusiasm to get alleged rape cases through the courts.
Illegal migration minister Michael Tomlinson made the admission as he clashed with Mishal Husain.
A rant on Fox News from Donald Trump's son contained one glaring error.
Michael Tomlinson was left squirming at footage of asylum seekers preparing to cross the Channel this morning.