Western leaders have widely blamed Putin for the sudden death of his most prominent critic.
Hint: What are our taxes like right now, after 14 years of the Conservative Party?
Shami Chakrabarti accused the PM's own ministers of "pouring fuel on the flames of polarisation" across the UK.
The chancellor refused to "go into details" about the "extremist" groups Rishi Sunak claimed are trying to "tear us apart".
The chancellor is under pressure to come up with pre-election sweeteners to help turn around the Tories' chances.
Rochdale's new MP clashes with Sam Coates of Sky News when questioned about the prime minister's attack on the veteran left-winger.
Prime minister deployed the power of the office on Friday night to denounce extremism, but only offered a "robust framework" to tackle it.
The crowd lining the streets in Moscow chanted "no to the war" in defiance of the Russian president.
The former president's latest fear-mongering claim "seems to be just conjured out of thin air," said CNN fact-check reporter Daniel Dale.