Boris Johnson

"If Boris Johnson's not going to do his job, why are we still continuing to pay his salary?"
It has been claimed that Johnson and his allies are plotting a return to Downing Street if Liz Truss “implodes” as prime minister.
"The Labour party actually has been all over this for the best part of a year."
Tory leadership frontrunner signals energy companies won't face a fresh levy as bills are expected to top £5,000 next year.
The prime minister surprised many by doing his job and turning up at a summit of energy bosses - but achieved nothing.
Lib Dem leader Ed Davey said it was “appalling" that the Tories have not announced extra support for rocketing bills.
Ex-prime minister calls for temporary re-nationalisation of energy companies failing to cut soaring bills.
The consumer champion says ministers' claims they can't do anything until a new PM is in place are "simply not true".
Tory leadership frontrunner is later caught apologising for being "mean" after repeated attacks on journalists.