Boris Johnson

The prime minister will be quizzed over his heavily-criticised handling of the pandemic.
"I leave all classical allusions to another former prime minister," said the freshly-minted Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.
Ex-chief scientific adviser said the former prime minister had "looked broken" with his "head in hands a lot" during the pandemic.
The former prime minister was later given a fixed penalty notice for attending a party in No.10.
Former prime minister, who boasted a double-digit poll deficit to Labour when he was forced out, says the Tories are “drifting to defeat”.
Simon Case said dealing with the then-prime minister's team during Covid was "like taming wild animals".
Adviser to the former prime minister confirms he did make the statement, despite denials.
Covid inquiry hears what the then prime minister called Rishi Sunak’s department during the pandemic.
Just when we thought we'd heard it all, it turns out, we really hadn't.
Nick Thomas-Symonds said the Covid Inquiry is proving to be "absolutely shocking".