Boris Johnson

Sue Gray found some staff "drank excessively" during lockdown busting gatherings.
Rishi Sunak is set to lead yet another government U-turn on Thursday, this time on a tax on oil and gas companies' profits.
"So he could say goodbye to a work colleague, but people couldn’t say goodbye to a dying relative?”
The chancellor is expected to set out plan to ease the cost-of-living squeeze a day after the partygate report.
Criticism, heckling each other, a muted behind-closed-doors meeting, a contortion and zombie-like supportive tweets.
The prime minister looks to have survived the day, but the privileges committee and the public will soon also deliver a verdict.
Prime minister had repeatedly claimed no lockdown rules were broken.
Even some Tories seemed unable to believe how the prime minister was trying to justify the scandal.
Sue Gray's report is not damaging enough to trigger a Tory MP uprising, meaning the prime minister is safe.
“I had no knowledge of the subsequent proceedings as I simply wasn’t there," Boris Johnson said.