Boris Johnson

"For the avoidance of doubt - again - I’m not bloody defecting."
Prime minister says he is not worried about Tory MPs plotting against him while he is abroad.
Even though Boris Johnson negotiated the protocol, the government is looking to rip it up.
George Eustice also said the government had endured a particularly difficult six months.
The prime minister is planning a "summer sausage offensive" to shore up support among MPs, according to reports.
The under fire prime minister has predicted he will lead Britain into the 2030s, sparking ridicule from some of his own MPs.
He risked further angering his Tory critics by claiming he was already planning for a third term in office.
The prime minister said voters want him to get on with the job.
The prime minister is out of the country as political and economic turmoil sweeps the UK.
Prime minister says he expects people will "continue to beat me up" following by-election losses.