Boris Johnson

Ex-PM will return to the inquiry for a second day in the spotlight on Thursday.
Former culture secretary claimed Johnson was a "lone voice" rejecting calls for lockdown.
A protester was thrown out of the inquiry as the former prime minister began delivering his evidence.
"He’s the most inarticulate public speaker and prime minister I’ve ever known."
The former prime minister is set to appear before the inquiry into the handling of the pandemic.
New research reveals that the coalition which handed Boris Johnson a landslide victory in 2019 has now "imploded".
The prime minister will be quizzed over his heavily-criticised handling of the pandemic.
"I leave all classical allusions to another former prime minister," said the freshly-minted Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.
Ex-chief scientific adviser said the former prime minister had "looked broken" with his "head in hands a lot" during the pandemic.