Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson warns of being "hostages to fortune" amid signs reopening of international travel could be pushed back.
A cross-party group of politicians fear a certification scheme could be divisive.
Cross-party opposition includes 40 Conservatives and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Downing Street sources insisted his departure was “absolutely nothing to do" with the backlash over the government's report into racism.
This government has no interest in addressing structural inequality – because the system works very well for them the way it is, writes GMB national secretary Rehana Azam.
Controversial review says British schools should teach a “new story” about “the Caribbean experience”.
HuffPost UK and the UK's only race correspondent Nadine White were among those shut out.
Controversial race and ethnic disparities commission dismisses "idealism” of young people who claim the UK is institutionally racist.
As we continue the gradual coronavirus unlock, Boris Johnson speaks to the nations for the first time from Downing Street's newly created briefing rooms.
The prime minister is facing a probe into whether he breached standards of public life in relation to the alleged affair.