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Constipation. Diarrhoea. Farts. How often are you pooing? What about your stool’s firmness? What’s been going on with your gut lately?

Now we’ve got the embarrassing bit out of the way, let’s chat sh*t.

Dump your discomfort as learning about your poo can help you identify if something’s going wrong with your bowels. We’re here to normalise the conversation about constipation, the dialogue around diarrhoea and get to the bottom of all things bowel health.

It’s time to stay regular.

Lots of us do this but it's bad for our health and productivity.
The, er, unorthodox advice comes from an expert.
Find that you can never comfortably pass a bowel movement? This could be why.
Plus, how often you actually need to be cleaning your toilet.
Colorectal and gastro doctors share why you're going to want to ditch these immediately.
Deborah James was a bowel cancer campaigner who died at age 40 in 2022.
The former Made In Chelsea star said the bag "saved her life" after battling ulcerative colitis for years.
James’ life was turned upside down after a serious infection gave him post-infectious IBS — IMODIUM® and Guts UK Charity have partnered with HuffPost UK to get more people talking, so it’s time to hear his story.
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Tiegan, 25, spent her teen years feeling alone thanks to living with IBS. IMODIUM® and Guts UK Charity have partnered up to get more people talking — so here, Tiegan tells us why she’s done keeping quiet about her condition.
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Getting gassy on a flight is more common than you think.
Gut expert Julie Thompson gives us the lowdown on gut health and what we should pay more attention to when it comes to our lifestyle and eating habits.
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The myths we believe and the shame we feel around poo could be putting our health at risk.
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Here at HuffPost UK, we’re proud to say that poo ain’t taboo.
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You might need to take a look in the toilet and get yourself to a doctor.
Experts explain how your diet may be making your toilet problems worse.
It seems satisfying, but it can ruin your microbiome.
GI experts break down exactly why alcohol can trigger diarrhoea, faecal urgency and other unpleasant side effects.
Research links the two issues, but there's something you should know before you panic.