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From the completely mundane to the absolutely bizarre, we're here to answer your burning questions.

That lethargy you feel is not just in your head.
Another reason to stay indoors, tbh.
An ever-pressing question as we grapple with the current heatwave.
Another day, another celebrity diet.
It comes after two poultry workers tested positive for the virus in England.
Celebs and influencers are leading the ‘no filler’ trend. But what does the process involve?
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He hasn't even been officially crowned yet, but it's good to know what the future holds.
How risky is it not to fast before going under anaesthetic?
Just because you're tempted, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
You'd better cook that bird all the way through.
The diabetes drug has controversially become popular with celebs due to its ability to aid weight loss.
We've all had nights where we fear we'll never doze off again.
Don't worry, it happens once every three minutes in the UK.
Put it this way, you really ought to follow the recommended dose...
Sometimes, it's just not the right setting to let one out.