Amendment may spare PM from vote on her deal as veteran MPs invited to national emergencies security briefing.
PM would need Northern Irish party's support in a no-confidence vote.
Britain will be "hobbled and crippled" by future trade talks, says Tory MP.
These discussions can only be so useful if they continue to overlook the concerns of those who will live with Brexit's outcome the longest
It's been pushed back until after parliament's meaningful vote on the deal.
But chancellor would feel 'differently' about a no-deal exit.
On the face of it, Farage’s reasons for leaving the dwindling Ukip are sound – so why does this gesture feel so completely hollow?
Unless this Government changes tune, elderly people will be lonelier, disabled people will get sicker, vulnerable children will fall through the net
The release has sparked fresh anger among DUP and Brexiteer Tories.