Conservative Party

Parliament's standards committee also suggests there should be an outright ban on MPs providing paid parliamentary advice, consultancy or strategy services.
Apparently the woke brigade wants to makeover Notre Dame, cancel Christmas and infiltrate public schools.
The chair of the women and equalities committee accused the prime minister's father of inappropriately touching her at a conference event in 2003.
The prime minister has been forced to clean up rules around MPs' outside interests following a hellish fortnight he'd rather forget.
Boris Johnson tried to sweep the 'Tory sleaze' claims under the rug on Monday – but one Conservative MP stopped him.
Oliver Dowden said the prime minister's acknowledgement that mistakes were made is "effectively the same thing as an apology".
District councillor and environmental campaigner Pippa Heylings has been unveiled as the party's candidate to take on the Tories at the next election.
One MP hit back saying it was a “bizarre Tory smear campaign” while another said it was an attempt to divert attention from the “Tory corruption scandal".
John Gray, chair of the Torridge and West Devon Conservatives, said Cox was a "superb constituency MP” with an “astonishing work ethic".
Former attorney general does "not believe that he breached the rules" amid sleaze row.
“It’s good that it’s not all just about politics," Sajid Javid said.
The government is embroiled in a number of so-called “sleaze” scandals that are still dominating the headlines after more than a week.
Former attorney general Geoffrey Cox is under pressure for earning hundreds of thousands of pounds working for a tax haven.
"I can’t tell you what happened between the whips and individual MPs," the deputy prime minister said.
"I don’t answer for or speak for the prime minister directly," the justice secretary insisted.
Deputy PM and justice secretary said it was up to voters whether they thought their MP was earning too much in a second job.
Explosives named "Reign of Terror" criticised as pressure grows for firearms-style licensing.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan said he should be “focusing on the important matters today that only a prime minister can focus on" instead.
“The prime minister has always been very clear that paid lobbying is not allowed."