Conservative Party

It deflates the claim that the populist party was behind the colossal Conservative defeat.
"I think his instinct is almost certainly to go. I hope that he won't," Andrew Mitchell said.
He said the former PM was "a millstone around our neck" during the election.
The deeply-divided party faces a lengthy spell in opposition following its humiliation at the ballot box.
She said the party should reach an "accommodation" with the Reform UK leader.
There's no love lost between the two leadership rivals.
Survey also reveals Kemi Badenoch is the clear favourite to succeed Rishi Sunak as party leader.
New poll confirms Rishi Sunak's "catastrophic misjudgment".
The former prime minister had to get used to sitting on the opposition benches for the first time.
The former cabinet minister would only say "wait and see" when asked by HuffPost UK.