Conservative Party

The survey was carried out before Labour announced its policy of freezing energy bills for six months.
“Of course, the government is working up a package of cost of living support," Simon Clarke said.
The forecast came as Chris Skidmore became the first MP to publicly switch support from the former chancellor to the foreign secretary.
The blue-on-blue attacks are intensifying as the battle between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak goes on.
"They didn’t want to turn up. They haven’t got time for us in their busy schedule."
Tory leadership hopeful seems on a mission to ruffle some feathers.
Former cabinet minister became the latest big-name Tory to throw his weight behind the foreign secretary's leadership bid.
YouGov survey says grassroots believe the outgoing prime minister was wrong to resign.
The former cabinet minister's claim directly contradicted a press release issued by the Truss campaign.