Conservative Party

There was definitely no shortage of awkward pauses.
There are only a few hours left to apply for free photo ID if you don't already have one.
The former PM was the one who called the EU referendum in the first place.
Flights could be taking off this summer – two years after the last attempt to get planes off the ground failed.
The PM is keen to get planes to Rwanda off the ground, but is yet to show the same enthusiasm to get alleged rape cases through the courts.
Opponents hit out at "jovial celebratory drinks" as PM looks to end back-and-forth over deportation plan.
Former Tory MP has been at the centre of the news cycle over the last week.
"Can you look our viewers in the face today and tell them that's what they are getting?"
The Sky News presenter suggested the PM was subsequently going to take his party "into the wilderness" at the next election.
Tory MPs believe the prime minister is "trapped" with no way out.