Conservative Party

The MP for Southend West was attacked while meeting residents at a church in Leigh-on-Sea.
The Queen was overheard criticising those who “talk but they don’t do”.
The health secretary accused of pulling out of a conference on the day he unveiled measures to increase access to doctors.
The ex-health's secretary's appointment has sparked criticism after it followed a damning report into the UK's response to the pandemic.
"The Brexit deal with signed at a time when government was weak and gripped by a constitutional crisis."
The Bishop Auckland MP said leading her party was something she thought and "fantasised" about but a lack of privacy put her off.
The Greater Manchester mayor also dismissed accusations that he undermined Keir Starmer at Labour's conference in Brighton.
"We need to know the government’s solution to these problems and on that Mr Johnson had not a jot.”
Their track Blue Cassette was used as the prime minister made his speech on Wednesday, which the band claim they did not approve.
The work and pensions secretary was caught enjoying karaoke as benefits were reduced by £1,000 a year.