Conservative Party

Windrush campaigners and organisations including the Runnymede Trust and National Education Union hand deliver letter to the PM.
One expert has warned they could be a "nightmare" to put into law.
Tory branches claimed the most, with the party defending the funding as "in line with government guidance".
A teacher has been suspended for reportedly showing pupils a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed deemed offensive.
Sir Charles Walker explained “the act of protest is a freedom”.
Communities secretary Robert Jenrick proposes to send commissioners in to run parts of authority after report uncovered "serious breakdown of governance".
"Vaccine bounce" for Conservatives ahead of May elections is driven by older age groups who got doses first.
Jayne Ozanne and James Morton have resigned over the government's failure to ban “conversion therapy”, branding Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch “ministers for inequality”.
Chief medical officer for England says vaccine programme is not a "get out of jail" card.
Downing Street has refused to rule out giving health workers a one-off Covid bonus.