Conservative Party

Any further defections are likely heap more pressure on Boris Johnson.
"I know NHS workers, by the way, who have had a drink after a day's work," Lord Marland claimed.
Families and councils across London are begging for help as the number of children in makeshift homes soars by 65 per cent in a decade.
Brandon Lewis said the prime minister could still lead the Tories to another general election victory.
Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross is first out the gates as he says PM's position is "no longer tenable".
Michael Ellis was repeatedly heckled by angry MPs as he attempted to defend the prime minister from the latest party claims.
Scottish Conservatives leader and ex-minister join the growing chorus of criticism over lockdown parties.
Backbench Tory MPs have asked to speak to chancellor Rishi Sunak over looming tax rises and rocketing bills.
Hot on the heels of their North Shropshire victory, the Lib Dems are eyeing up Windsor as their next take from the Tories.
Scientists have warned the government that “more stringent measures would need to be implemented very soon” to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.
The Metropolitan Police are investigating a party in Tory HQ organised by Shaun Bailey’s London mayoral campaign.
'It was a serious error of judgement at a time when Londoners were making immense sacrifices,' the former London mayoral hopeful said.
MPs vote for Plan B – but 99 Conservatives defied their leader on health certificates.
Labour's Steve Reed claimed the government was “wheeling out” the proposals to divert attention away from allegations of sleaze and corruption.
"I don’t like that kind of language and I don’t think it’s appropriate," the deputy PM said.
Boris Johnson's fate rests on whether the Tories can cling on in Owen Paterson's former seat.
A number of Conservative MPs have indicated they will vote against the government when the restrictions are brought before parliament on Tuesday.
Downing Street says the PM has full confidence in his then-press secretary despite an intense backlash.
“We cannot say one thing and do another. We have to be believed, we have to be trusted," said Roger Gale.