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Chief medical officer for England says vaccine programme is not a "get out of jail" card.
Downing Street has refused to rule out giving health workers a one-off Covid bonus.
Press secretary Allegra Stratton swerves question on why the PM cannot pay for his own furniture and wallpaper.
Pat McFadden tells HuffPost UK that “perpetual” bad feeling with the EU might be a “perfect outcome” for hard Brexiteers.
Income tax thresholds will also be frozen, instead of allowing people to take home more of their pay as had been planned.
Following PMQs, the chancellor Rishi Sunak gives his budget for 2021 which will lay out support for the economy and people following the year's pandemic and lockdown effects. The chancellor is expected to extend furlough schemes and support for businesses but questions remain about how the country will pay for the support packages rolled out during 2020.
Tory insiders wonder whether the chancellor can continue to emulate Tony Blair as “everybody’s friend” as crisis turns into recovery.
Andrew Bowie objects to the term being used at a parliamentary committee amid call for accuracy from Scottish National Party.
The prime minister Boris Johnson faces leader of the opposition Keir Starmer in the first PMQs since lockdown easing measures were revealed to the country.