Conservative Party

Opinion polls suggest Labour is on course to reclaim the Red Wall seat, but people are far from convinced by the party leader.
Conservative Nadeem Ahmed says Imran Ahmad Khan was "one bad apple".
“We need to talk to a new generation in the same way Cameron, Osborne, and yes for eight great years, Boris did in London.”
Rishi Sunak accused of losing £11bn of public cash while £4bn worth of defective PPE will be burned.
Prime minister tries to reassert his authority by talking about bananas and olive oil, while making some dubious claims about housing.
The chair of the powerful 1922 committee has said there are currently 'no plans' to change the rules to permit another challenge.
Boris Johnson appears to be overlooking the fact that his government just hiked taxes to their highest levels in 70 years.
"Obviously it’s a secret ballot and we’ll probably never know the exact kind of divide there,” Ben Bradley said.
Given the size of the rebellion, are we seeing the beginning of the end?