Conservative Party

The prime minister had hoped the King's Speech would turn around his and the Tory Party's fortunes. He was wrong.
The home secretary has angered party colleagues with an article accusing the police of left-wing bias.
"Even Liz Truss in the dying hours of her premiership managed to summon the courage to sack Suella Braverman."
The IFS think-tank said the prime minister's boast was "not accurate".
The prime minister's plans for the year ahead contained no answers to the cost of living or the state of the NHS.
King Charles set out the government's plans for the year ahead amid the usual pomp and ceremony.
Claire Coutinho was almost immediately contradicted by Rishi Sunak.
The home secretary said sleeping on the streets was a "lifestyle choice".
Moderate Conservatives accused the home secretary of 'ill thought out policies that divide".