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One lawmaker says the rule will be a challenge: “I can try to keep the cats off the screen. Keeping them out of the room is going to be impossible.”
The impeachment trial of Trump, the first US president to face such a hearing twice, is expected to begin next week.
Russia was criticised for approving a Covid jab tested on only a few dozen people – but trials show Sputnik V offers high efficacy.
The country's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and other senior politicians were detained in an early morning raid.
As the UK unveils its own mandatory hotel quarantine system, the experience from Australia makes for sobering reading.
The new US president has undone some of Trump's most divisive policies – from the "Muslim ban" to climate change.
US president puts unity at the centre of his address after taking the oath of office.
A day of high ceremony, historic firsts and a show-stealing 22-year-old poet.