The Kremlin is making it harder for anyone to "deviate" from the government line when it comes to the Ukraine war.
The Twitter owner posted an edited picture of the Ukrainian president that was captioned, "When it’s been 5 minutes and you haven’t asked for a billion dollars.”
The Ministry of Defence says 30% of the country's public expenditure will be on the military in 2024.
Despite the lack of aid for Ukraine, President Joe Biden is expected to sign the measure.
Hundreds are fighting in "pro-Russian units", the Ministry of Defence said.
It's the latest development in the ongoing information war between Ukraine and Russia.
As the Canadian PM surmised, it was a "deeply embarrassing" moment.
Vladimir Putin still has an international arrest warrant out against him, by the way.
UK officials say the strikes have been "more damaging and more co-ordinated" than previously in the conflict.
There are reports of "ill-conceived advances" and heavy casualties among Russian ranks when on the offensive.