23 April 2014

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Introducing... A Culture of Kindness in TV and Film

Does TV and film influence us more than we realise? Probably. Are our brains being shaped by the violence, sex and nastiness we see on a daily basis? Most possibly. Is there a way we can stand up and shout when we see positive, surprising, heartwarming stuff on the screen as an antidote to all of the above? Yes, there is! Read on, and prepare to join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

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'There Should Be Four Women On 'Strictly' Panel'

Sharon Osbourne Brands Lohan Miscarriage 'Codswallop'

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It's 10 Years Since Mean Girls Was Released

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Pharrell Williams' Happy Video - Without The Music

Michael Palin On The 'Great Expectations' Of Python Fans

Is This Ryan Reynolds Weirdest Film Yet?

14 Acts Added To V Festival Line-Up

BEHIND THE SCENES: It's A Dirty Business... Would YOU Do This Job?

Drew Barrymore Has Had A Baby Girl

'Educating Joey Essex' Returns: Where's He Headed This Time?

How Yanni Got The Stars Involved

WATCH: Lily Allen Unveils 'Sheezus' Video

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