Jaco Steals The Show On BBC Breakfast During Autism Discussion

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NHS Trust Tells Parents To Stop Calling Children's Body Parts Their 'Willy' And 'Front Bottom'

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Mum's Ed Sheeran 'Shape Of You' Parody Perfectly Sums Up Life As A Parent


John Legend Describing His Love For Daughter Luna Will Make You Weep


Pregnant Mum Shocked After Colleague Said Her Bump Would Look 'Unprofessional' At Work Event

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Mum Emails School To Tell Teachers Her 10-Year-Old Is 'Done' With Homework


Girl Gets Gum In Her Hair, Dad Finds Temporary Solution


Mum Thanks Flight Attendant Who Took Her Baby When 'All Hell Broke Loose'


This Mum Had The Perfect Response When A Man Asked Her To Cover Up While Breastfeeding


Most Popular Baby Names In Australia Reveal Some Global Favourites

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'One Born Every Minute' Viewers Praise Teenager As She Watches Mum Give Birth


Katie Price Reveals 9-Year-Old Princess Will Release A Book Later This Year


Parents Reveal The Most Brutal Things Their Kids Have Said

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Serena Williams Admits She Accidentally Revealed She Was Pregnant On Snapchat


Pampers Launches Smallest Ever Nappy And Donates Three Million To Premature Babies


Romeo Beckham Posts Adorable Instagram Photo As He Becomes A Godfather


Fearne Cotton Had An 'Embarrassing Mum' Moment And We Love Her For It

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Mum Who Doesn't Baby-Proof Home Tells Parents Kids Can Learn Boundaries Without Baby Gates


Parents Leave Babysitter Hilarious List Of 10 Rules On How To Look After Their Kids


12 Quick Hairstyles For All Dads To Do For Their Child

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3-Year-Old Packed His Own Lunchbox And He's Our Hero

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Tamara Ecclestone's Breastfeeding Photo Starts Yet Another Instagram Debate


Kids Born On 'One Born Every Minute' Watch The Moment They Entered The World


Serena Williams Writes Moving Open Letter To Her Unborn Baby: 'You Gave Me Strength'


Selfless Mum Who Carried Baby Without Brain Full Term To Donate Organs Gives Birth


6 Easy Ways You Can Cut Down Phone Time When You're With Your Family

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This App Alerts Parents When Their Kids Create Or Receive Sexual Images

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