31 July 2016

Why Empowering Parents to Cook With Their Kids Helps Families to Thrive

I had no idea then just how much of a phenomenon The Naked Chef would become, and looking back to that time, I never would have thought then that I'd be sitting here today writing for The Huffington Post and kicking off their Thriving Families month. So it turns out that I did inspire quite a few people, and many of them were mums and dads. I'll never forget being chased down the street by this big, muscley bloke one day and when he caught up with me, I genuinely thought my days were numbered and he was going to punch me but he simply smiled and said: "My missus said I should start cooking because of you and if I'd seen you a few weeks ago, I would have lumped you. But actually, I'm really enjoying cooking and I'm better than you now!" That was one of those moments where I started to understand just how powerful food can be in changing people's lives for the better.

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