'My T*t Was Out': Mum Details Unfortunate Mishap While Taking Delivery Post-Breastfeeding

It's the photo evidence that's finished us.
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Comedian Kelly Convey has opened up about a rather unfortunate mishap which occurred when she opened the door to a delivery driver.

Convey had been breastfeeding her little one prior to answering the door to the delivery worker, who handed her a parcel for her husband and asked if she’d take one for her neighbour.

At the time she gladly obliged and went about her business – until her rather flustered neighbour appeared at her door a few moments later.

“They’re usually very chatty, very nice, but today it was almost verging on rude,” said Convey, looking puzzled, and explaining her neighbour had grabbed the parcel quickly and left.

Well, that probably had something to do with the fact she’d answered the door with her top pulled up.

“Then I realised that my tit was hanging out,” she revealed in a hilarious TikTok video which has been viewed 8.9 million times.

It gets better (or worse, depending on which way you look at it) though, as she phoned her husband to tell him the unfortunate news and was shocked to discover he already knew what had happened.

Is he psychic? No, it turns out that when the delivery driver had snapped a photo of the parcel on her doorstep (which is standard protocol these days), they’d managed to capture her naked breast at the same time.

Her tit was, indeed, hanging out. In fact, in her next post, Convey shared the photo evidence.

Carrying her baby while she filmed the original TikTok video, she told them with a grimace: “I hope you’re well-fed. I hope you enjoyed your meal.”

Fellow parents shared their own mortifying tales

She won’t be the first – nor last – breastfeeding parent to expose a boob to an unsuspecting delivery worker.

Between the tiredness of new parenthood and the fact your boob can go a bit numb after feeding, it’s surprising it doesn’t happen more often.

″[I] had a delivery and my son was still latched on,” said one mum in the comments section. “As soon as I opened the door my son ripped his head back and the milk shot out in front of his [the delivery driver’s] feet.”

Another said: “I literally did this last week. Except I was standing in front of a window and waved to my neighbour.”

One person revealed they were walking around a shopping centre with theirs in full view, before a friendly passerby flagged it to them. “Like, how many people saw and said nothing??” they added.

And it turns out, some people are repeat offenders. One mum said the same thing happened three times to the same postman. “First time he was shocked,” she explained. “Third time he stood and talked to me!”

For people like Convey, who are now ready to die of embarrassment or move to another country, the good news is that delivery workers seem relatively unfazed by the phenomenon.

One delivery worker commented on the video that this is something they’ve witnessed a few times and added: “It’s really no biggie.”

Um... phew?