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Being a parent is hard, but it can also be hilarious.

Here, we chart the very funny things that happen when you’re raising kids – from eye-watering anecdotes about the outrageous things children say, to relatable parenting fails, to the amusing tweets from parents that made us belly laugh this week.

"I don't need Spotify Wrapped to tell me my top songs are all bangers from Daniel Tiger."
"Just discovered that my 5yo thinks the lyrics are 'apple button jeans, boots with the brrr' and then he does a little shiver"
"Just discovered that my 5yo thinks the lyrics are 'apple button jeans, boots with the brrr' and then he does a little shiver."
"Ahhh dinnertime, the only time of the day the kids aren’t hungry."
"I see your baker’s dozen and raise you a mom’s dozen (11 because you ate one when the kids weren’t looking)"
Three-year-old Ruby wanted the world to know about her "imaginary mum", Grateful.
"Sad that my teenage kids don't believe in Santa any more, but happily they still believe in the elves that clean up the f**king kitchen"
"I sure have a lot of opinions about cooking shows for someone who's eating a paw patrol string cheese for breakfast"
Welcome to a world where every conversation has the potential to spiral.
"Teens be like, 'You know that crumpled up piece of paper that’s been on the table all week? I need it for school.'”
"It’s 7:41am on a Saturday morning, and my kids have already said 'Mama' 'Mom' or 'Mommy' approximately 852 times today."
"Please help, our 3yo has asked to be a butt for halloween. A butt."
"Reason #678 bedtime is taking too long: 2yo insists the only way to open her bedroom door is to use her eyebrows."
"After 3 days of being home with kids with the stomach bug, can’t wait to take them to school tomorrow so I can have a relaxing day of 16 back to back zoom meetings and 47 emails."
"I’m not saying parenting is hard. I’m just saying I was a lot better at it before I had kids."
"My son just informed me it’s illegal for 9 year olds to eat broccoli."
"My 3yo (who is extremely clean for a toddler) keeps crying at mealtimes because 'I don’t like watching the baby eat, she’s so messy' and honestly, same."
"My five year old keeps asking about our plans 'over the holidays.' By 'the holidays' she's referring to her birthday next month."
"My child is crying because her Pokémon are too weak and one thing nobody ever told me about parenting is how hard it is not to laugh at your children"
"I love when families have one or a few standardly named children and one totally out-there-named child and you're just like....what happened here."
Featuring a 31-year-old new mum having to explain to her own mother how testicles work.
"My 9yo just told me: 'Thank you, Catherine Obvious.' I’m not correcting her."