21 Tweets About The Germs Kids Come Home With That Are All Too Real

"After 3 days of being home with kids with the stomach bug, can’t wait to take them to school tomorrow so I can have a relaxing day of 16 back to back zoom meetings and 47 emails."

Kids’ getting sick: it’s a universal truth of parenting. You never know exactly when it’s going to happen, but you know with total certainty that it will.

Day of a big work presentation? On the way to the airport for an international flight? A fever or a stomach bug can intrude on your lives at any moment, crushing your plans, sending you scrambling for back-up childcare — and, of course, making every member of the family sick, one by one, like a row of dominos falling.

If you’re in the midst of what feels like an interminable game of virus tag, know that yours is not the only family stuck there. These parents have lived to tell the tale on social media.