21 Tweets About Kids Ruining Spotify Wrapped For Their Parents

"I don't need Spotify Wrapped to tell me my top songs are all bangers from Daniel Tiger."

It’s that time of year again: Spotify has blessed us with its yearly recap of our most-listened-to artists, songs and podcasts. It’s a day the Twitterverse loves to celebrate — what better way to show off your good, cultured taste in music?

If you’re a parent, blessed isn’t quite the word you’re looking for — it’s more like trolled.

Yes, Daniel Tiger will make an appearance. Baby Shark too, undoubtably. Is white noise on there? What a lovely way to remember the hours you spent trying to get your newborn to sleep. Thanks a lot, Spotify!

Below, the funny mums and dads of X (formerly Twitter) sum up the perils of Spotify Wrapped when you’re a parent.