I Just Realised I've Been Using Sudocrem Wrong And This Is The Correct Way To Do It

Here's how you can unlock Sudocrem's full potential.

If you’re a parent, Sudocrem is probably a household item that’s also always in your nappy bag when you’re out and about.

The little tub of cream works wonders for nappy rashes and can help soothe dry skin and redness on your baby’s skin.

Though seasoned parents use it constantly, according to Sudocrem there’s an actual way to use the product! But firstly, for people like me who have been calling it SudoCREAM, let’s also clarify that it’s actually pronounced SudoCREM.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the real way you should be using the soothing product.

Five tips to unlock Sudocrem’s full potential

1. According to the makers, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to slather on lots of the product for it to be effective.

Instead you need a small amount to create a thin, translucent layer on the skin for best results.

2. Focus on the problematic areas — this means you need to apply it directly on to the rash or where the irritated skin is, even if it’s a delicate area.

3. Massage into the skin DON’T slather. This one blew my mind, I’m guilty of slathering it on. Sudocrem recommends small circular movements to massage My Little Sudocrem onto the problematic area.

4. Use throughout the day, don’t be afraid to keep putting it on if needed! You can use it as often as needed.

5. You should always prep the skin first. Wash and dry the area before applying the cream for best results.

What causes nappy rash, anyway?

Although you can use Sudocrem to soothe irritated skin, it’s always helpful to know what causes nappy rashes in the first place.

It’s normal and common for babies to get nappy rashes and these are usually caused by the skin being in contact with pee or poo for a long time.

That means you should always change your baby’s nappy as soon as possible.

It can also be caused by the nappy rubbing against your baby’s skin, make sure to check if your baby’s nappy size has changed!

Alongside this, keep an eye out for any allergic reactions if you’ve changed nappy wipes or used a new detergent or soap. This can cause rashes.

For more information on what you can do to soothe your baby’s skin, check out the NHS website.