Why This 1 Bluey Episode Has Sent So Many Parents Over The Edge

"There isn’t a show that captures family life better than this."
The Heeler Family
The Heeler Family

Children’s TV shows don’t often evoke as much emotions as Australian TV show Bluey does.

The animated series which follows the family of Bluey the blue heeler puppy recently left parents in tears because of its latest episode.

Bluey is loved by parents and kids alike, and is even rated as one of the best shows for children with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! Even better, it’s known to be great for parents who are looking for less stimulating shows for toddlers.

Its latest episode, The Sign, caused many viewers to take to social media platform X to share how they felt after watching it.

What is The Sign episode of Bluey about?

The Sign episode is 28 minutes long, which is around three times longer than any normal episode.

Without spoiling anything, The Sign sees Bluey, Bingo and their parents Chilli and Bandit are see preparing for Bandit’s brother’s wedding to Bluey’s godmother, Frisky. The Heeler family are shown to be moving house due to Bandit’s new job, and Bluey, in particular, is not happy about the situation.

Ultimately The Sign looks at life’s unpredictability and concludes that the best life you can have, is the one with your family.