I Will Not Stop Challenging Ukip's Racism

Ukip Protest CHRIS J RATCLIFFE via Getty Images

This call has nothing to do with defending women's rights. It has everything to do with UKIP demonising the Muslim community, just like in France last year when politicians campaigned to ban the Birkini. Why should anyone have the right to tell Muslim women what to wear? UKIP and their kind are constantly targeting people who just want to get on with their lives. It shows the nature of their party, it shows their racism.

Paul Nuttall Defends Failing To Identify Pictures Of Own Constituency

Sky News

Theresa May Promises Not To Raise VAT

Theresa May

Boris Johnson's Sister Accuses Brexiteers Of Selling 'Faulty Goods'

Athena Image
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Sell Ugly Fruit And Veg To Cut Food Waste, MPs Urge Supermarkets

MYCHELE DANIAU via Getty Images

Donald Trump Was The Butt Of All Jokes At The White House Correspondents' Dinner


Gerry McCann Says It's 'Unfair' To Criticise £11M Spent On Investigation

Wparota Police Portugal
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Jeremy Corbyn 'Turns Off Labour Voters'

Election Labour
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Kate And Gerry McCann Vow To Do 'Whatever It Takes' To Find Maddie

Wparota Police Portugal
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What Is May Day And Why Do We Have A Bank Holiday?

European Culture May Day Folk Dancing Spring Maypole Ribbon
sarradet via Getty Images

EU Leaders Agree 'Firm' Brexit Negotiating Stance

Politics Brexit Europe
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Bank Holiday Opening Times For Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s And More

Shirt Retro Styled Using Phone Fashion Text Messaging Leisure Activity Only Women Women Females Groceries City Life Fashion Model Baguette Jeans
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Slough: The Immigration Town That Backed Brexit

Beyond Brexit

If The Election Continues On This Path..

Theresa May

Voters' Priorities For Life Beyond Brexit

Beyond Brexit
HuffPost UK

Ukip's Paul Nuttall Reveals Which Seat He Will Contest In General Election

Election Main
PA Wire/PA Images

Analysis: Slough Labour Voters Want To 'Take Back Control'

Beyond Brexit
HuffPost UK

Firms Have Found Another Way To Keep Staff On Tenterhooks


'Mr Gorilla' Completes London Marathon

Reppic Sport Gorilla
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Corbyn Reveals What Makes A Strong Leader As He Targets Young Voters

Politics Politician Mid Length Half Empicsentnewsp
EMPICS Entertainment

Here's What Labour's Official General Election Campaign Logo Will Look Like

Election Labour
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Our Spot-The-Trump-Quote Quiz Is Easier Than You'd Think

Horizontal President Headshot Closeup Expression
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Tory MP Steps Down After 'Saying Homosexuality Was Dangerous To Society'

Flying Colours via Getty Images

Labour Selects Sikh Woman To Fight Crunch Bellwether Seat

PA Wire/PA Images

9 Terrifying Things From Donald Trump's Latest Interview

Athena Image
POOL New / Reuters

Alex Jones Calls A Press Conference To Tell Reporters They Suck

Politics Campaign Trump
Brooks Kraft via Getty Images
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How To Tell If You're Suffering From A Food Allergy (And What To Do Next)

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Mums Of Premature Babies In The NICU Explain The Difficulties They Face


Everything We Know So Far About 'Love Island' 2017

Love Island

'BGT' Contestant 'Witnessed Headteacher Collapse After Fatal Stabbing'

Tokio Myers Britains Got Talent Audition

'EastEnders' Just Did Something Unthinkable To Tracey

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The Duchess of Cambridge And Prince William's Most Stylish Couple Moments Ever

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African American African Ethnicity Background Peop
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