We Cannot Afford A Repeat Of The Great Religious Conflicts Of The Past

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We prefer to give up rather than exercise patience. An important area where tolerance now needs to be greater is religion; we cannot afford a repeat of the great religious conflicts of the past. Where religion is still of great importance, such as in large parts of the Muslim world, religious tolerance is much more fragile.

Air Pollution Is Killing 50,000 People In Britain Every Year

Health Pollution
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Labour MP Calls For Probe Into 'Dark Money' Of EU Referendum

Europeeuropeaneuropean Unioneuropean Union Flaghum
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Neo-Nazi Embraced By Black Man As Thousands Drown Out Hate Speech

Richard Spencer White Nationalist White Supremacist Neo Nazi Nazi Nationalism Protest Antifa Antifascist Black Lives Matter Alt Right
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We Cannot Afford A Repeat Of The Great Religious Conflicts Of The Past

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'Next' Boss Simon Wolfson Slams 'Insane' Universal Credit


Storm Brian To Drop 70mph Gale 'Weather Bomb' On UK This Weekend

Athena Image
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It's Time To Tackle Britain's Endemic Low Pay Problem

Clerkenwell via Getty Images

Trump Is Angry 'Fake Media' Won't Report An Actual Fake News Story

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Nobody Really Knows If UK Could Go Back On Brexit, Experts Say

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Uk Gb United Kingdom Great Britain British English England Politician Politics Political Conference Conferences Season
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GQ Political Correspondent Rupert Myers Sacked Amid 'Allegations'

Rupert Myers Regularly Appeared On Television As A Pundit
Rupert Myers regularly appeared as a pundit

This Tube Ad 'Shows Broadcaster RT Is Putin's Mouthpiece',

Rt London Underground
Twitter/Matt Manning

Violent Crime Surge Blamed For 13% Rise In Number Of Offences Reported

Soccer Arresting Cardiff
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PM Says Being Transgender Is 'Not An Illness' And Promises To Change Law

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Uk Gb United Kingdom Grea
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Doctors Have Found A New Way To Fight Cancer By Profiling Tumours

Associate Press

Trump Gives Father Of Slain Soldier Money He Promised - Four Months Late

Athena Image
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Young Tory MPs Move To Stop Veterans Drowning Them Out

Ben Bradley

It Costs Workers In Britain £9,300 A Year Not To Be A White Man

Curiosity Decisions Dedication Expertise Focus
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Emergency Workers Reveal Scale Of Assaults By Public

Wparota Royal Royalty Fire Grenfell Hli
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End 'No-Platforming And Safe Spaces' Or Else, Minister Tells Unis

STRINGER Colombia / Reuters

Report Reveals How 'Muslim Prisoners Are Treated Worse In Jail'

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Sharp Increase In The Number Of Teenage Girls Self-Harming

Real People Adolescence One Parent Early Teens Tee
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Millennials Are Facing A Post-Brexit 'Lost Decade'

Money Home
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Catalonia Threatened With Direct Rule From Spain Amid Row Over Independence

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Quentin Tarantino Admits He ‘Knew Enough’ About Harvey Weinstein

Two People
Ernesto Ruscio via Getty Images

Lupita Nyong’o Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Harassment, Recalling ‘Massage’ Incident

Council Fashion Designers America Swarovski Arrive
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Mum's Video Of Baby Struggling To Breathe Is Something You Need To Watch


Cheryl Tweedy And Simon Cowell Hint At Her Permanent 'X Factor' Return

Simon Cowell Cheryl Tweedy

Smoking And Oral Sex With Multiple Partners Could Increase Risk Of This Cancer In Men

Athena Image
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'Strictly' Is Going To Be A Judge Down This Weekend

Idsok Arriving Arrival Arrives Red Carpet Redcarpet
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Watch Thousands Of Baby Turtles Being Released Into Peruvian Lakes

Turtle Peru

Mary Berry, Mel And Sue Are Reuniting For A Very Special Christmas Show

Mary Berry Mel And Sue

How Gordon Ramsay's Cocaine Nightmare Began With Testing His Own Staff

Gordon Ramsay

Badass 94-Year-Old Biker Shows You’re Never Too Old To Chase Your Dreams

Max Thurlow

6 Ways Men Can Be An Ally To Women In The Battle Against Sexual Harassment

Couple Relationship Beautiful Teenagers Only Teenage Couple Relationship Difficulties Girls Teenage Girls Women Females Men Males Two People
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Apple TV 4K Review: Seeing Is Believing

Apple Tv Apple

Facebook Actually Has A Second Hidden News Feed But Good Luck Finding It

Facebook News Feed

Loose Women's Penny Lancaster Tearfully Reveals She Was Drugged And Sexually Assaulted

Penny Lancaster
Rex/Shutterstock/ITV/Ken McKay

Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Apologises For ‘Victim-Blaming’ Harvey Weinstein Comments

Athena Image
Robin Marchant via Getty Images

Get Excited Because Here's A First Glimpse At Dolly Parton's CBeebies Bedtime Story

Dolly Parton
BBC Pictures

These Researchers Can Creepily Bring Your Selfies To Life

Athena Image
Jordan Siemens via Getty Images