31 October 2014

The SNP Are the Only Party Capable of Taking the Fight to Farage and Ukip

I think Nicola will achieve great things for Scotland, and continue the work that Eck started. She will be a constant thorn to Westminster and she will acquire powers by the strength of her persuasive arguments refusing to acquiesce and relentless demands. Seems like Nicola and the SNP are the only party capable of taking the fight to Farage and Ukip. It is a shame that Miliband doesn't have the same backbone.

Tories Red-Faced As Big Land Sale Fails To Attract Single Successful Bid

Eric Pickles
AFP via Getty Images

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Westminster Paedophile Ring Probe Chief Urged To Quit

Fiona Woolf
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Well How Would You Expect Nigel Farage To Respond After Being Called A C***?

Frankie Boyle
Ian West/PA Archive

Ukip Voters Are 'Darkly Pessimistic' About Their Lives


Foreign Fighters Joining Terror Groups On 'Unprecedented Scale'

Nusra Militants

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Shocking Statistics Show 'More Children Than Ever' Have Tried To Kill Themselves


Programmes Go Off Air As Fire Ravages French Radio HQ

Radio France

This Is The Moment A Fireworks Factory Exploded


Two Missing, Man Arrested

Which Bargain Supermarket Tied With Waitrose For Christmas Food?

Mince Pie
Andrew Dernie via Getty Images

Do You Know How Many Calories Are In That Pint?

Volanthevist via Getty Images

As Syria's War Rages Next Door, Students Violently Clash At Turkey's Oldest University

Ozan Kose Istanbul University
OZAN KOSE via Getty Images

Occupy HK Has Been Going So Long It's On Google Maps


Israeli Cartoonist Sparks Outrage With Controversial Cartoon


Gay Ukip MEP Calls Same Sex Marriage Supporters 'Equality Nazis'

David Coburn Farage
ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

MP Confuses 55-Year-Old Dancer With Mario Balotelli

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

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Press Told To 'Shut Their Traps' Over Putin Cancer Rumours

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

Tory MP Under Fire For His Attack On A Local Clothes Bank

James Wharton
PA Wire/PA Archive

Russian Military Flights Increasingly Violating European Airspace

Russian Bear
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Susanna Suffers MAJOR Fake Tan Fail

Susanna Reid
Tillen Dove

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Dog Halloween Costume

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'We're All Hoping Scott Or Judy Leaves This Week'

Craig Revel Horwood
Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images

Roy Confirms Talks With 'I'm A Celeb' Bosses

Roy Keane
Niall Carson/PA Archive

Whoops! Amanda Flashes Her Pants On The Red Carpet

Amanda Holden
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

The 'X Factor' Acts Won't Like Si's Halloween Surprise

Simon Cowell
Didier Baverel via Getty Images

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EXCLUSIVE: This Is What It Takes To Flummox Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

There Were Three In The Bed... Take That's New Vid

Take That

Spoiler! 'Corrie' Crash Set To Leave 12 Characters In Danger


Why Scratching That Itch Will Make It Worse

More Than Words Photography by Alisa Brouwer via Getty Images

Would YOU Be Brave Enough To Do This?

We Are The Giant

The Latest, And Best, In Garden Shed Erotica


'The Police Asked If I Wanted Mary Berry Arrested'

Paul Hollywood
Ian West/PA Archive

Why Your Home Might Be Making You Ill

David Stuart via Getty Images

Which Scary Movie Should You Watch?

Woman Scared Sofa
Laurence Dutton via Getty Images

'Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt - They're Playing Themselves'

Mr Turner