6 May 2015

Dear Children

You are safe at school now. I like walking you there because I get to hear more about what you are thinking and there is space for me to listen. And I understand more about how you see the world at ten, nine and six. 'Why the hell would you buy a car the same colour as your kid's hair?' It is not exactly insightful stuff. But if these are your biggest worries, I am serving you well. I won't always be here to do that. We know Mum's doctor says her epilepsy will get her one day. Fruit loops say Karma will. But either way, I wanted to write down a few things for you to remember as you get bigger.

Charlie Brooker: Farage Is So Funny He Makes It Difficult To Meet BBC Impartiality Rules

Charlie Brooker
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Everything You Wanted To Ask About Voting Tomorrow... But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Polling Station Uk
Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Today's Headlines Show 'British Press At Its Partisan Worst'

Miliband The Sun
The Sun

Here Is How Much Power Your Vote Has

Channel 4
Channel 4

Estonia's PM Explains Why A Digital Government Is The Future

Beyond The Ballot
The Huffington Post UK

Twitter Is Backing Miliband With Some Rather Glorious Food Selfies


Watch BBC Daily Politics Reporter Get Heckled On Live TV

Bbc Heckler

One Of Bollywood's Biggest Stars Jailed For Hit-And-Run Death Of Homeless Man

Salman Khan
PUNIT PARANJPE via Getty Images

Ukip Sounds Awfully Grateful To The Press For Revealing Candidate Threatened To Kill Rival

Ukip Poster
Dan Dennison via Getty Images

He's Honestly Not Trying To 'Expose' His Family...

Emmanuel Adebayor

Final Ashcroft Poll Shows It's Down To The Wire For Tories And Labour

General Election Vote
Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Germanwings Co-Pilot 'Rehearsed' Suicide Crash On Earlier Flight

Andreas Lubitz

Gordon Brown Is Here To Save The Union (Again)

Gordon Brown
Mark Runnacles via Getty Images

Obama Administration Approves Ferry Service To Cuba

Obama Castro
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Meet Ted Miliband


SNP Heckler Tells Cameron Tories Are 'Racist' Against Scots

Cameron Heckler
Press Association

Ukip Supporter's Photobomb Of David Cameron Is Both Brilliant And Creepy

David Cameron
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

This Time It's David Cameron In Rupert Murdoch's Pocket...

Rupert Murdoch

A Lot Of People Wish They Were 'Princess Of The United Kingdom'

Princess Charlotte
Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Ukip Scotland's Manifesto Launch Went Really, Really Badly

Ukip Scotland
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

There Could Be A Second Election Before Christmas, Predicts Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed And Carjacked... But Still Delivers Pizzas

Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed

Prankster Sneaks Into World Diving Championships And Really Goes For It

Michael Regan via Getty Images

Poll Shows Why Nick Clegg Will Be Thanking Tory Voters On Friday

Nick Clegg
Matt Cardy via Getty Images

French Far-Right Founder's Response To Daughter He's 'Ashamed' Of

Jeanmarie Le Pen

Labour Campaign Chief's #EdStone Quote Is Awkward For Miliband

Ed Miliband Stone
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Belfast Shocked As Former IRA Commander Shot Dead On City Street

Peter Morrison/AP

Is Running Helping These Homeless Women More Than Political Promises?

A Mile In Her Shoes
New Balance
HuffPost Reports

The Independent Has Surprised Its Own Staff With Its Endorsement For This Election

The Independent

The Sex Abuse Reports That Provide Even More Damning Proof Of Authorities Failure To Act

Rotherham Sex Abuse
OLI SCARFF via Getty Images

Hidden Cameras Catch Student Spitting In Housemates' Food, Trying To Poison Them With Window Cleaner

Columbia Police Department
Columbia Police Department
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Jon Stewart Reveals His Thoughts On The British Election

Jon Stewart

Hot Chocolate Frontman Errol Brown Dies

Errol Brown

Who's Charlie Brooker Calling 'A Microwaved Tony Blair'?

Nigel Farage

Spoken Word Poet Gary Turk Nails Exactly Why We All Have To Vote


EUROVISION LATEST: UK Entry 'Not Afraid Of Nul Points'

Electro Velvet

You Will (Genuinely) Never be Able To Guess Which A-Lister This Is

Kevin Bacon

Taylor Swift Kicks Off Her '1989' World Tour In Style

Taylor Swift Tokyo 2015
Jun Sato via Getty Images

HowTheLightGetsIn: Ticket Offer For The World's Leading Philosophy And Music Festival


Man Says Men Should Be Able To Veto Women's Abortions

Fox News Dr Keith Ablow
Fox News

You'll NEVER Guess Who Dressed Up As George Michael At Their Birthday Bash


We Try London's Spiciest Pizza And Live To Tell The Tale

Spicy Pepper
jxfzsy via Getty Images

We Can't Wait For The Finale Of Mad Men...

Mad Men Coalition

The Only Bingo Card You Need For Election Night

General Election Night Bingo Card

Mum Dies From Cervical Cancer After Her Symptoms Were Mistaken For Pregnancy Complications

Samantha Beaven
Jeremy Durkin/REX

These Rocket Scientists Invented A High Heel As Comfortable As Trainers

High Heels

Teen Politics Whizz Hopes To Outsmart Experts With His General Election Predictions

David Garner

Martin Lands A Marvel Role

Martin Freeman
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

How Eating Fruit May Trigger Feelings Of Hunger

Getty Images

Has Jeremy Clarkson Landed a New TV Role?

Jeremy Clarkson

Cassetteboy Remixed The News And Now Working Class Families Are For Sale

David Cameron

'The Wedding Singer' Rapping Grandma Dies, Aged 101

Ellen Albertini Dow
Getty Images

Guess Which Megastar Is Creeping Us Out Dressed As A Lime To Flog Tequila?

Justin Timberlake

Who Did RiRi BAN From Her Star-Studded Met Gala After-Party?

Rihanna Met After Party
Splash News

Katie Hopkins Reveals Epilepsy Will Kill Her

Katie Hopkins
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle via Getty Images

Miu Miu Ad Banned For Featuring 'Inappropriately Sexualising A Model To Look Like A Child'

Miu Miu

Confirmed! The Who To Headline Glastonbury

The Who Roger Daltrey
Chris McKay via Getty Images

Kym Isn't About To Be Leaving 'Corrie' Anytime Soon

Kym Marsh
Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images