1 October 2014

Whither Japanese Whaling

For the moment, Japan seems intent on launching its plan for a new 'scientific' whaling programme in the Southern Ocean. Whilst it has some allies, the issue drives a wedge between Japan and many other nations. Japan may be able to deflect charges against whaling, including that it is cruel, by casting such criticism as a form of anti-Japanese cultural imperialism. Our only hope is that, given the ICJ ruling is above any rhetoric or politics, perhaps those in power in Japan will be better able to see that commercial whaling is ecologically unsound, uneconomic and, in terms of international relations, disastrous.

Tories Must 'Do More' To Win Ethnic Minority Votes, Admits Lynton Crosby

Lynton Crosby
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ebola Diagnosed In US For The First Time

Ebola Virus
Fuse via Getty Images

IDS Is Too Scared Of Pickles 'Sitting' On Him To Speak About This...

Eric Pickles
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Dr Fox Arrested Over Alleged Sex Offences

Dr Fox
Ian West/PA Archive

Mecca On Alert As Hajj Begins

Isis Hajj Mecca
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Twitter Does Not Care That White Dee Might Vote For Ukip

White Dee
Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Windows Is Changing (Again) And This Is What's New

Windows 10

Vote Tory And You May Find It Harder To Travel Around Europe

Cameron Border Agency
WPA Pool via Getty Images

China Doesn't Want You To See These Incredible Photos

Instagram China

Hong Kong's Protesters Prepare For Crackdown

Hong Kong
Paula Bronstein via Getty Images

Hostage's Wife Pleads With ISIS

Alan Henning
Press Association

Jacob Rees-Mogg's Nanny Has 'Sound Politics'

Jacob Reesmogg
Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images

Worldwide Wildlife Populations Drastically Plummet


Sacked CNN Host Has A New Gig

Piers Morgan
NBC via Getty Images

Dead Teacher Had Filmed Male Pupils Changing At Southend School

Martin Goldberg

Hong Kong Leader Rejects Students' Demands

Leung Hong Kong
Anthony Kwan via Getty Images

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Now Two UK Teens May Be Heading To Syria

Clarie Hayhurst/PA Wire

Whoops. Sainsbury's Did Not Mean For You To See This Poster

Sainsburys Poster
Chris Dodd

Ebay Breaks Up With PayPal

Ebay Logo
Wong Maye-E/AP

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Signs Of Organic Chemistry Found At The Centre Of The Galaxy

Police Investigate Scottish Referendum Conspiracy Theory

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Jon Stewart Is Amazed By The UK Debate On Iraq Air Strikes

Daily Show Jon Stewart Isis
Comedy Central UK

Boris' Brick Defects To Ukip

Boris Johnson Brick
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

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Holly Welcomes Third Child

Holly Willoughby
Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

'Anyone Who Thinks The Fall Is Misogynistic Hasn't Watched Closely Enough'

Jamie Dornan

You're Going To Leave Facebook For Ello. This Is Why.


'I Was A Control Freak'

Spandau Ballet

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Students And Graduates Share Their Freshers' Week Survival Tips

DragonImages via Getty Images

Amanda Meets Life-Size Plastic Doll. Twitter Can't Tell Them Apart

Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden/Twitter

Woman Loses Finger After False Widow Spider Bite

False Widow
North News & Pictures

Firefighters Save Hamsters With Tiny Gas Masks

Baby Hamster
Lacey Fire Department

It's The Great NHS Privatisation Sale - And Everything Must Go!

Nhs Privatisation Sale

10 Celebs David McIntosh Should Date Now

David Mcintosh
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

10 Stunning Images From National Geographic Photo Contest

Nat Geo
Misty Gage/National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest

What Do You Buy Brad Pitt As A Wedding Present? Here's The Answer...

Brad Pitt

First Look! George And Amal's Official Wedding Photos

George Clooney Amal
Hello Magzine

'Inherent Vice' Trailer Could Be The Coolest One You See This Year

Inherent Vice