4 August 2015

Nepal Earthquakes: A Race Against Time

The brave women I met were in a dire situation. They needed to salvage as much brick, rubble and corrugated sheeting as possible in order to rebuild their homes - and to search for their valuable possessions before the monsoon rain washed them away. This salvaging and rebuilding all takes time and energy that they don't have. They are living a hand-to-mouth existence; if they don't work the land they have no money and no food - and they also have to cook, tend the animals, clean clothes and care for the children.

Big Beast Says Labour Candidate Corbyn Could Become PM

Ken Clarke
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Watch Jeremy Corbyn Give A Speech On A Fire Engine To Lots Of People


Former Prime Minister Edward Heath Allegedly Accused Of Abuse In 1990s

Ted Heath
Harry Todd via Getty Images

'Jeremy Corbyn Is Not Hard-Left, Just Anti-Thatcherism'

Margaret Thatcher
Keystone-France via Getty Images

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Child Sex Abuse.. Campaign Against Death Penalty.. 'Global Migration' Blamed For Calais

This Immigration Policy Was Condemned As Divisive

Greg Clarke Communities
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Now The Government Wants To Do It

Obama Reveals America's Strongest Climate Change Action To Date

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Banker Jailed For 14 Years Over Libor Manipulation

Tom Hayes
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Puerto Rico Defaults On Debt Payment

Dawkins Just Doesn't Get The Idaho Huntress's 'Ethical Murder' Of Giraffe

Richard Dawkins
Don Arnold via Getty Images

This Is How Fast Glaciers Are Actually Melting

Glacier Penguin
Jeff Overs via Getty Images

London-Bound Flight In Emergency Landing After Running Out Of Fuel

China Southern Flight
Bloomberg via Getty Images

New Bride Rushed To Hospital After Tourist Bus Roof Ripped Off By Tree

Bus Crash

Hillary Emails Call Cameron 'Aristocratic' And Boris 'Clown Prince'

Hillary Clinton David Cameron
Brendan Hoffman via Getty Images

Hammond Accused Of Abandoning UK's Campaign Against Death Penalty

Philip Hammond
Laura Lean/PA Wire

This Is What It's REALLY Like To Wear A Hijab


How Suspected MH370 Debris Could Have Moved Through The Ocean


US To Conduct Airstrikes In Syria

Athena Image
Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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'Corbyn Would Make The Poor Poorer' Labour's Shadow Chancellor Hits Out

Chris Leslie
Laura Lean/PA Wire

Second Tube Strike In A Month Confirmed

Tube Strike
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Time For Sisi To Set Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Free

Mohamed Fahmy
KHALED DESOUKI via Getty Images

Amal Clooney Blogs On WorldPost

Huntress Gleefully Poses With Dead Giraffe ‘I Couldn't Be Any Happier!'

Giraffe Sabrina Corgatelli
Facebook/ Sabrina Corgatelli
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Cilla 'Discovered By Son Robert On Sun Terrace Of Spanish Villa'

Cilla Black

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Man Running For President Eats Greasy Pig Back Cooked On A Gun


Simon Doesn't Hold Back About Last Year's 'X Factor'

Simon Cowell
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle via Getty Images

Jimmy Osmond Fulfils The Promise He Made To Andy Williams

The Osmonds

Watch This Airport Get Swallowed Up By A Sandstorm In Under A Minute

Official Page Radio Public Securityfacebook
Official Page Radio Public Security/Facebook

Cecil Tells Son To 'Rip Dentist's F***ing Throat Out'

Lion King

See Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty In This Haunting New Film

Alexander Mcqueen
Nick Knight/SHOWstudio

5 Things That Only Happen When You're Wearing Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses

Elderly 'Racist White Lady' Might Be The Silliest Person In America


Women Respond To 'Fat-Shaming' Troll With Brilliant Cake Pics


'Instagram Migrant' Is In Fact A Beach Handball Player From Spain

Instagram Migrant

Children Who Are Fussy Eaters May Be Prone To Mental Health Problems

Fussy Eating Children
Stephanie Wagner via Getty Images

A Parent's Guide To Dealing With A-Level Results Day

Exam Results

Mail Is Outraged We Don't Let Migrants Starve To Death

Twitter Rage
Daily Mail

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