23 September 2014

Well, It's Not Quite the End...

How do I find the words to thank each and every one of you for reading Charley's final blog post and taking her to your hearts? Tell you all how much strength your messages have given me as I find myself in that very 'gaping, unjust, cruel and pointless hole' that Charley described in her piece? A cherished wife, loving mother, beloved daughter and dear friend has been torn from our lives. So I am now a widower at the young age of 38. I never expected this. And it's hurts so much. But my wife has taught me so much about courage and "framing rainbows" that I want to be brave and useful and do something to help others - as Charley did.

'Second Rate'

Ed Balls
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

HuffPost Poll: Almost 60% Think Osborne Is A Better Chancellor Than Balls Would Be

Balls Speech 'A Bitter Disappointment' To Poverty Campaigners

Ed Balls
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Not Really The Sort Of Feedback Ed Would Like From His Ex Policy Guru...

Ed Miliband
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Newspaper Defends Piece Saying Accepting Gay People Could Destroy Civilisation

South Molton News

Which Two Labour MPs Are Doing Gangnam Style Tonight?

Keith Vaz
Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Dave Was An 'Idiot Abroad' And It Cost Us In Brussels, Says EU Party Leader

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

TfL 'Rejects' Adverts From Zionist Group Comparing Hamas To ISIS


Is This Tesco's Darkest Hour? It's Had A Few Others...


Alex Salmond Has 'Lost The Plot,' Says Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling
Lynne Cameron/PA Wire
HuffPost Reports

Do You Ride With Uber? Labour Has Bad News

Uber London
Bloomberg via Getty Images

So Much For Being 'Better Together'

David Cameron

Cameron Gathers MPs To Discuss 'English Votes For English Laws'

Tony Blair's Advice On How To Tackle IS Probably Won't Surprise You

Tony Blair
Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Grandmother Accidentally Grows Giant Cannabis Plant

Patricia Hewitson Cannabis Plant

Stricter Abortion Law May Have Saved Joan Rivers, Politician Genuinely Implies

Rick Perry

'Expect Riots' If London Transport Gets Worse

London Tube
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Labour Should Have Tackled Scottish Nationalism 25 Years Ago, Says Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

'F**k It I Quit': Reporter Walks Off Job Live On Air

Charlo Green Quits Live On Air

This Gay Club Night Poster Actually Mocked Up An IS Beheading With Male Models


Parents Plea For Information About Missing Teenager

Hannah Graham
Charlottesville Police Department

Murdered Brit 'Was Trying To Help Fellow Victim' When Killed In Thailand

David Miller Thailand
STR via Getty Images

Pope Francis Slams Extremists Who 'Pervert Religion'


A School Offered STI Tests To Pupils, And Parents Seem To Think This Is A Bad Thing

Chlamydia Test
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

This Is What A Global Call For Action Against Climate Change Looks Like


Emma Watson Asks Men To Join The Feminist Fight

Emma Watson Un
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez via Getty Images

Outrage As Britain First 'Desecrate' Image Of Fearless Afghan Heroine

Britain First

Balls Of Fury As Ed Leaves Journo Bloodied At Charity Match

Ed Balls
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Hostage's Wife Pleads With Islamic State

Alan Henning
Press Association

Ed Miliband Promises £8 Minimum Wage

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Entire Nation In Most Sweeping Lockdown Against Disease Since Middle Ages


Sierra Leone Confines 6M People To Their Homes As Ebola Desperation Grows


The Islamic State Is Upset With France's New Name For Them

Islamic State Fighters
- via Getty Images
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Introducing India's First Transgender News Anchor...

Padmini Prakash
Lotus News Channel/Twitter

This Dog Does NOT Want To Come Out Of The Water

Bella Dog Swimming

Rihanna's Nude Pics Shared Online?

Paul Morigi via Getty Images

Good First Day At The Office Then, Amanda?


'I Went To A Sex Addicts' Group'

Gail Porter
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Dilfs Of Disneyland Is Actually A Thing

Dads At Disneyland
Dilfs_of_Disneyland / Instagram

'TOWIE' Stars For 'I'm A Celeb'?

X Factor
Stuart C Wilson/Tim P Whitby/Getty

German Shepherd Dog Helps Maltese Puppy To Escape From His Kennel

Dog Helps Puppy Escape Cage

'I Am 100% Not Homophobic, But 100% Not Gay'

Liam Payne
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Someone Used Weed Killer To Burn A Giant Dick Onto A High School Football Field

Penis Weed Killer
Google Earth

James Arthur Lashes Out At Professor Green

James Arthur
Ian Gavan/Didier Baveral/Getty

Cyclist Makes A Miraculous Escape As Car And Truck Collide In Russia

Russia Cyclist Collision

'I Spent An Enormous Amount Of Money On Cocaine'

Stephen Fry
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Cheryl Planning To Take On Simon Cowell With Own Record Label

Cheryl Fernandezversini
Alex Huckle via Getty Images

He's Behiiiiind Youuu! Watch The Moment A Giant Whale Shark Crashed Into A Diver

Whale Shark Diver

Women Apparently Spend 10 Days Of The Year Grumpy: Is That It?

Grumpy Cat

This Drama Student's ‘To Be Or Not To Be' Speech Went Slightly Wrong

To Be Or Not To Be Student Fail

It's Never Okay To Grope Women's Bums, Even For A Prank

Sam Pepper Bum Grope

13 Things You Definitely Do Not Need To Take To University

College Packing
Tetra Images via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

Leave 'Em At Home, Make More Room For Your Funnel

Downton Abbey - Midnight Capers Set Off New Series With A Bang

Downton Abbey

This Is The 'Hottest Alleged Thief On The Planet', Apparently

Stphanie Beaudoin

Woman Has Surgery 'To Add Third Breast'

Jasmine Tridevil Three Breasts

This Is What Sex Looks Like In An MRI Scanner

Life Looks Different Through An Mri Machine
YouTube / Vox

8 Myths About Work-Life Balance

Eating Lunch At Desk
George Doyle via Getty Images

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