We Need Women In Maths, Science And Up In Space

Katy Brand Katy Brand

In her new show, I Could've Been An Astronaut, comedian Katy Brand explores her love of astronomy and her 'crapness' at maths. In the show she also talks about the lack of encouragement girls receive to study STEM subjects - and in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK she discusses this further. Katy says that: "Without female engineers and architects, how will we ever get away from massive phallic buildings dominating the sky-line of every city in the world?

7 Astounding Contradictions In Trump's 'Warmongering' UN Speech

Athena Image
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Corbyn Boost As Party Approves 'Power To The Members' Plan

Athena Image
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Boris Denies He'll Resign After Reporters Ambush Him

Wparota Politics Johnson
PA Wire/PA Images

Arsenal Of Memes Launched Over Trump's Rocket Man Comment About Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jongun
Elliott Wagland

Grenfell Criminal Probe To Consider Individual Charges Of Manslaughter

Athena Image
Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Vince Cable Warns Lib Dems Will Not Succeed As 'Ukip In Reverse'

Politics Libdems
PA Wire/PA Images

5 Passengers Who Are Having An Absolute Nightmare Because Of Ryanair Cancellations

Athena Image
Rafael Marchante / Reuters

George Osborne Regrets 'Freezer Bag' Jibe At May

Politics Powerhouse
PA Archive/PA Images

Suicide Rate Three Times Higher Among Construction Workers, Union Warns

Athena Image
PA Archive/PA Images

Visa Clampdown Forces North Koreans Out Of UAE Amid Nuclear Standoff

Athena Image
KCNA KCNA / Reuters

Trump Supporters Are Getting Very Confused About The Paul Manafort Story

2016 Cleveland Ohio Convention Donald Trump Electi
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Bride And Groom Take On Epic Two-Day Van Trip After Ryanair Flight To Wedding Is Cancelled

Maria Joanna Suquitana
Maria Joanna Suquitana

Top Housing Body: 'Absurdly' Low Spending On Social Homes Must End

PA Wire/PA Images

Jeremy Corbyn Burns Piers Morgan With Spanish Tweet

Politics Labour Lphli Hli Newsandroyalty7thaug
PA Wire/PA Images

‘Major’ Hydrochloric Acid Leak In Hull Creates Huge Vapour Cloud

King George Dock Port Harbour Coast Docks Wharfs G
Arterra via Getty Images

British Woman Vanishes On Amazon River Notorious For Pirate Attacks

Emma Kelty

The Lib Dem Conference Is Trying To Be Optimistic About Brexit

Liberal Democrat Politics Libdems
PA Wire/PA Images

5 Things You Need To Know If Your Flight Has Been Cancelled

Athena Image
Kevin Coombs / Reuters

'Suspicious Object' Found On M1 Causes Five-Miles Of Tailbacks

M1 Closure
Highways England

Dominica Loses 'All That Money Can Buy' After Hurricane Maria Devastation

Athena Image
NASA NASA / Reuters

Police Granted More Time To Question Two Main Suspects

Police Explosion
PA Wire/PA Images

Mhairi Black Defends Susan Calman Over Strictly Same-Sex Partner Row

Election Snp
PA Wire/PA Images

Jailed Man Explains Why He Put Image Of Grenfell Victim On Facebook

Omega Mwaikambo
News Night
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Why We Need To Discuss Sexual Misconduct And Consent With Kids As Young As 5

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'French And Saunders' Set To Return To Our Screens This Christmas

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Why This Model Felt It Was 'Crucial' She Come Out As Transgender After Walking At Fashion Week

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Daughters of Manchester Bombing Victim Receive Letter From Police Officer Who Comforted Dying Mum


'Corrie' Star Simon Gregson Credits 'Amazing' NHS For Saving His Wife's Life

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'EastEnders' Viewers Left Asking If An Episode Was Missed Out, After Kush's Speedy Recovery

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Nadiya Hussain Reveals She Suffers From A Crippling Panic Disorder

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