6 May 2015

Send the Elevator Back Down

I believe strongly that it is the responsibility of women across the globe that have achieved success in the digital and IT sector to give something back. We can capture the imagination of young women and give them the confidence to believe they can create the great tech innovations that will define our future. Through increased mentorship and by actively trying to create the conditions in which enterprising women can thrive, we can ensure that future generations of aspiring female tech entrepreneurs have the support they need to achieve similar success - and most importantly, in greater numbers. Quite simply, we must send the elevator back down.

Gordon Brown Is Here To Save The Union (Again)

Gordon Brown
Mark Runnacles via Getty Images

Ukip Candidate Suspended For Racial Abuse And Threatening To Shoot Rival

Ukip Poster
Dan Dennison via Getty Images

SNP Heckler Tells Cameron Tories Are 'Racist' Against Scots

Cameron Heckler
Press Association

Ukip Supporter's Photobomb Of David Cameron Is Both Brilliant And Creepy

David Cameron
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

This Time It's David Cameron In Rupert Murdoch's Pocket...

Rupert Murdoch

A Lot Of People Wish They Were 'Princess Of The United Kingdom'

Princess Charlotte
Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Ukip Scotland's Manifesto Launch Went Really, Really Badly

Ukip Scotland
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

There Could Be A Second Election Before Christmas, Predicts Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed And Carjacked... But Still Delivers Pizzas

Pizza Delivery Driver Stabbed

Prankster Sneaks Into World Diving Championships And Really Goes For It

Michael Regan via Getty Images

Poll Shows Why Nick Clegg Will Be Thanking Tory Voters On Friday

Nick Clegg
Matt Cardy via Getty Images

French Far-Right Founder's Response To Daughter He's 'Ashamed' Of

Jeanmarie Le Pen

Labour Campaign Chief's #EdStone Quote Is Awkward For Miliband

Ed Miliband Stone
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Belfast Shocked As Former IRA Commander Shot Dead On City Street

Peter Morrison/AP

Is Running Helping These Homeless Women More Than Political Promises?

A Mile In Her Shoes
New Balance
HuffPost Reports

The Independent Has Surprised Its Own Staff With Its Endorsement For This Election

The Independent

The Sex Abuse Reports That Provide Even More Damning Proof Of Authorities Failure To Act

Rotherham Sex Abuse
OLI SCARFF via Getty Images

Hidden Cameras Catch Student Spitting In Housemates' Food, Trying To Poison Them With Window Cleaner

Columbia Police Department
Columbia Police Department

Ed Miliband Looks A Lot Cooler When You Mash Up His Videos With '8 Mile'

Ed Miliband 8 Mile
ASSOCIATED PRESS/Universal Pictures

Texas Shooting Suspect Was On Authorities' Radar For Years

Garland Texas Shooting

Watch Russell Brand Endorse Ed Miliband For The Election


A Schoolboy Just Asked Nick Clegg If He Could Have Katie Hopkins Killed

Clegg Hopkins

Here's Yet More Proof JK Rowling Is One Of The Greatest People Ever

Jk Rowling
David Cheskin/PA Wire

Two Killed At 'Draw Muhammad' Contest Exhibition

Garland Texas
LM Otero/AP

Nigel Farage Just Said Something Surprising About Nepal

Nigel Farage
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
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RiRi's Wears 'Big Bird' Dress To Met Ball, Twitter Explodes.


Four-Time BAFTA Winner Shares His Top Tips For Film Success


Muse Frontman Reveals The Band Have Booked Another Festival Headline Slot

Muse Matt Bellamy
Sharon Latham/Manchester City FC

When Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke Met The Green Party's Natalie Bennett

Use Yo
Use Your Voice

'Big Brother' House Revealed As Rylan Teases 'Timebomb' Theme

Big Brother
Channel 5

These 90-Second Videos Shows What A Difference Photoshop Makes

Rare Digital Art

Baffled By The 'Dadbod'? Here's What It Means

Chubbies Instagram

Premature Birth Can 'Alter Brain Wiring' In Babies

Premature Baby
Getty Images

Would Your Child Be Fooled By This YouTube Experiment On Abduction?

Child Abduction
Joey Salads/YouTube

Red Dresses Ruled At The Met Gala - Here's How To Pull It Off

Met Gala Clooney
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

First Look! Adam And Lupita's 'Star Wars' Characters Revealed

Adam Driver Lupita Nyongo
LuMarPhoto/AFF/Hubert Boesl/DPA

8 Valuable Life Lessons We Learned From The 'Entourage' Boys


Sorry Chaps, Your Beards Are Full Of Poop Apparently

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

9 Amazing Women Named Charlotte To Inspire The Royal Baby

Charlotte Edwards
WPA Pool via Getty Images

This Frozen-Inspired Bra Advert Has Caused A Bit Of A Stir...

Frozen Triumph Advert

'Corrie' Fan Mary Blasts The Soap's Latest Storylines

Mary Berry
Ian West/PA Wire

'EastEnders' Mick To Take Paternity Test

BBC Pictures

This Has The Be The Funniest But Most Inappropriate Children's Book Ever

Do You Want To Play With My Balls Kids Book

This Will Change How You See The Women's Toilet Symbol Forever

It Was Never A Dress
Jamie Kruger/ Twitter

Did Rihanna Or Beyoncé Win The Met Ball?

Rihanna And Beyonce

14-Year-Old Has The Best Response to Guys Who Don't Want To Wear A Condom