23 March 2017

When We Come Together The Terrorists Fail

Brendan Cox NIKLAS HALLE'N via Getty Images

What I know is that the man who did this is no more representative of British Muslims than the man who killed Jo was representative of white men from Yorkshire. Both were extremists, both were terrorists and both should be judged for what they did, not what religion they professed.

Tearful Londoners Unite To Declare 'We Are Not Afraid' At Vigil

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Hannah Mckay / Reuters

London Terror Attacker Named As Kent-Born Khalid Masood

Khalid Masood

Exclusive Documentary On The Westminster Terror Attack

Commons People
Huffington Post

Westminster Attack: 75-Year-Old Man Dies After Suffering Injuries

Police Westminster
PA Wire/PA Images

Eight Arrested On Suspicion Of 'Preparing Terror Acts'

Police Westminster
PA Wire/PA Images

Here's How You Can Help Families Of Those Killed In Terror Attack

Help London

Muslim-Led Fundraiser Raises Thousands For Victims Of Attack

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Hannah Mckay / Reuters

7 Reasons Why Nigel Farage's Response To The London Attack Is Verging On Ridiculous

Fox News
Fox News

American Tourist Named As Third Victim Of Westminster Attack

Kurt Cochran

Multiple False Alarms Across London As Capital Remains Jumpy

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Darren Staples / Reuters

Muslim Woman Pleads That Man Who Tore Off Her Niqab Is NOT Jailed

Peter Scotter

Sadiq Khan's Classy Response To Donald Trump Jr's 'Disgraceful' Tweet

Sadiq Khan

James Cleverly MP Pays Emotional Tribute To Friend PC Keith Palmer

James Cleverly

Belgium On Alert After Cops Chase Car In Chilling Echo Of London Attack

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Eric Vidal / Reuters

Londoners Are Being Their Brilliant, Grumpy Selves To Show Defiance

London Attack

Katie Hopkins Tries To Speak For Londoners, It Backfires Spectacularly

Fox News
Fox News

Theresa May Says London Attacker Is British Born And Known To MI5


Media Mistakenly Named Jailed Terror Supporter As London Attacker

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FERENC ISZA via Getty Images

It Could Be Warmer Than Tenerife This Weekend

Carefree Comfortable Escapism Happiness Relaxation
Richard Boll via Getty Images

Hero MP Reflects On 'Mad' Attack And How He Tried To Save PC

Police Westminster Idsok
PA Wire/PA Images

Six-Year-Old Makes 'Thank You' Cards For Parliament Staff


Moment Woman Falls From Westminster Bridge Caught On Camera

Westminster Terror Attack

Travelling In London In The Wake Of The Westminster Terror Attack

Police Westminster
PA Wire/PA Images

How The Terror Attack On Westminster Unfolded Before Our Eyes

Emea Europe Eu British Eu
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Britain Is Uniting Around This Simple Message Of Defiance

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Donald Trump Jr Branded 'Disgrace' For Westminster Attack Tweet

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Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
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Ruby Rose Stars In Nike's Latest Campaign And Looks Incredible

Ruby Rose Instagram
Ruby Rose / Instagram

This Beautiful Smart Calendar Needs To Be On Your Wall

Magic Calendar

Wales Plays Host To Brand New BBC Psychological Thriller 'Requiem'


Mum Accidentally Sends Her Daughter To School With Adult Item In Her Lunchbox

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Here's Everything We Can Tell You About This Year's Red Nose Day

Comic Relief

NASA's Curiosity Rover Has Only Moved 10 Miles In Four Years, Here's Why

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NASA NASA / Reuters

10 Totally Inappropriate Things Young Mums Are Tired Of Hearing

Brazilian Toddler One Parent Portrait Women Females Two People Meal 1824 Months Celebration Mothers Day Afro Cute Cucumber 2529 Years Young Adult
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The Age When You 'Stop Shopping At Zara' Can Frankly Do One

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Miguel Vidal / Reuters

Woman Entrusts Friend To Design Her First Tattoo, It Backfires Spectacularly

Elle Mills Tattoo
YouTube / ElleOfTheMills

WISE WORDS: 'Why I've Taken A Year Off Social Media'

Headshot Head Shot Portrait
EMPICS Entertainment

Here's Everything You Need To Know About This Year's 'Britain's Got Talent'

Britains Got Talent