30 April 2016

This Is What SATs Do to Children

My baby boy's world is now full of stress. The stress takes up so much space he has no room for anything else. He is eleven. I didn't even know what the word "stress" meant when I was that age. Today, the only question that he has asked me is "What's a noun? I'm not good at grammar. I'm worried about it." This is what SATs do to children. They don't gain anything from them, but they lose so very much.

Ken Livingstone 'Regrets' Hitler Comments - But He's Not Sorry

Ken Livingstone

Nicky Morgan Slams Headteacher For 'Sexist' Question

Education Academies
Nick Ansell/PA Wire

People Share Reasons Why They Love The Health Service For #NHSMillion

Health Winter
Peter Byrne/PA Wire

If You Don't Like Media Sexism, Stand Up And Change It, Says Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe
Chris Gorman, HuffPost UK

Over £100 Million Worth Of Ivory Burnt To Dust In Anti-Poaching Protest

Athena Image
CARL DE SOUZA via Getty Images

Construction Workers In Spain Find Huge Haul Of Ancient Roman Coins

Athena Image

Corbyn Launches Anti-Semitism Inquiry After Saying There's No 'Crisis'

Politics Pmqs Corbyn
PA/PA Wire

Two Dead After Light Aircraft Crash In North Yorkshire

Athena Image
DEA / S. VANNINI via Getty Images

Woman Who Cut Baby From Stranger's Womb Handed 100 Year Sentence

Headshot Head Shot

Hundreds Of Protesters Storm Iraq's Parliament

Athena Image
Ahmed Saad / Reuters

UK Flights Grounded After Fatal Norway Helicopter Crash


Trump Campaign Hit By Second Day Of Protests In California

Athena Image
Noah Berger / Reuters

Alf Dubs: Child Refugee Defeat Will Bring Us 'Shame'

Athena Image
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

Large Swaths Of Pacific Ocean May Actually Suffocate In Just 15 Years

Athena Image
paul cowell photography via Getty Images

Ken Livingstone Says Everything He Said About Hitler Was 'True'

Politics Shah
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

More Politics
George Osborne Told Some Decent Jokes.. Five Things You Need To Know From Westminster

The Large Hadron Collider Has Been Shut Down By A Weasel

Athena Image
Mike Watson Images via Getty Images

The Queen And Prince Harry Are Actually Trash Talking The Obamas

Prince Harry And Queen
Kensington Royal

Ripper-Obsesssed Teen Jailed For 27 Years For Murdering Two Strangers

James Fairweather
Essex Police

People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over The Queen And Harry's 'Trash Talk'


Investigation Launched After Headteacher 'Made Boys Strip Naked'

Athena Image
Norbert Michalke via Getty Images

Bin Laden Theories Ranging From Mildly Plausible To Downright Bizarre

Athena Image
Reuters Photographer / Reuters

#BackingTheBlues Shows Just How Much Britain Loves An Underdog

Football Soccer Fan Fans Scarf
Nigel French/EMPICS Sport
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LOUD & PROUD: Alan Carr Reveals Pain Of Homophobic Attacks

Athena Image
Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

Here Are All The May Day Bank Holiday Opening Hours You Need To Know

Athena Image
Liam Bailey via Getty Images

'National Treasure' Sir David Praised By Duke Of Cambridge In BBC1 Special

Bafta Baftas Idsok Headshot Head Shot Portrait Baf
Ian West/PA Archive

Sheridan Returns To The Stage, After 'Drunk' Performance Accusations

Sheridan Smith Funny Girl
David M. Benett via Getty Images

How LEGO Is Helping Kids With Autism Improve Their Social Skills

Susan Fletcher/ASC Inclusion CIC

David's Mum Causes A Stir As She Sits In For BGT's Simon

David Walliams Mum Britains Got Talent

Beyonce Cancels 'Formation' World Tour Date

Athena Image
Handout via Getty Images

This Is Why Cats Act Bizarrely

Athena Image
Lori Lee Miller via Getty Images

Before Us, There Probably Was An Alien Civilisation In The Universe

Athena Image
Reuters Photographer / Reuters

What Was Prince Harry Showing The Queen On His Phone?

Prince Harry The Queen Obama Invictus Games Video
Kensington Palace

Kind Strangers Help Woman Raise £400K To Save Her Husband's Life

Kate And Mike Brandon
Kate and Mike Brandon

What Is The Met Gala? Everything You Need To Know

Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images

This Project Calls Out The Blatant Objectification Of Women In Hollywood

Headless Women Of Hollywood

Showbiz World Bids David Gest Farewell At Funeral Service

Athena Image

10 Times People Have 'Mispronounced' Jeremy Hunt's Name

Budget Main
PA/PA Archive

9 Photos That Capture The Special Bond Between Toddler And Bulldog