Today We Become The First Country To Roll Out Mental Health First Aid Training In Every Secondary School

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We all now leave school knowing the basics of how to look after ourselves physically - healthy vs unhealthy food, the importance of exercise - but with very little knowledge of how to cope with the personal crises so many of us face at some stage. Relationship breakdown, bereavement and disappointment at work are effectively part of life - so why don't we all learn the basics of how to cope with them? In the process of learning about how people experience mental distress, the course then teaches you to spot signs in others around you who might be experiencing difficulty. Statistically you are more likely to meet someone about to attempt suicide than about to have a heart attack - so everyone should know what to do.

The Devastating Impact Of Coalition Austerity Is Revealed

Neil Hall / Reuters

Shock Report Shows UK Mental Health Services 'At Breaking Point'

Athena Image
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Poll Reveals What Jeremy Corbyn Must Do To Become Next PM

Politics Poll
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'Smell Of May's Political Death Is Unmistakable'

Politics Election
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Why Jacob Rees-Mogg's Instagram Account Should Break The Internet

Athena Image
PA Archive/PA Images

Teen Plunged To Death In Bungee Jump Because Of Instructor's 'Poor English', Court Rules

Vera Mol

Donald Trump Hugging The Indian PM Is So Soul-Crushingly Awkward

Politics Square
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Google Hit With Huge £2.1bn Fine For Abusing Its Power As A Search Engine

News General News Daily Life February 12 2017 12th
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MP Suggests Community Fears 'Cover-Up' Over Grenfell Death Toll

David Lammy

Britain First Mocked For Stealing Satirical Post Slamming Jeremy Corbyn Thinking It Was Genuine

Politics Corbyn
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Almost Half Of Trans Teens Have Tried To Kill Themselves, Report Reveals

Family Problems Adolescence Teenagers Only Late Teens Portrait Relationship Difficulties Teenage Girls Women Females Facial Expression Banging
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Britain's Largest Warship Uses Windows XP And It's Totally Fine

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Russell Cheyne / Reuters

Theresa May Wrote 'World's Worst Manifesto,' Says Tory Grant Shapps

Athena Image
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Piers Morgan Accuses Tories Of Blocking MPs Appearing On 'GMB'

Piers Morgan Susanna Reid Good Morning Britain
Rex/Shutterstock/Ken McKay

Serena Williams Hits Back At John McEnroe's '700th Against Men' Insult

Horizontal Tennis Night Trophy Smiling Australian Tennis Open Sport Tennis Grand Slam Australian Tennis Open
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Today We Roll Out Mental Health First Aid In Every School

Jeremy Hunt
PA Wire/PA Images

News Anchor Berates MP For Refusing To Say Grenfell Exposed 'Failure'

Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News

Harman Seeks Law Change To Protect Alleged Rape Victims

Politics Mp
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All The Things The Billion Pounds May Gave The DUP Could Buy

Wparota Politics Election
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Scotland and Wales Are Furious About Tory-DUP Deal

Dragon Silhouette 6nations General View Gv Flags S
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May Refuses To Give In To Brussels On EU Citizens' Family Rights

Theresa May

Trump Gets A Watered-Down Travel Ban To Take Effect For Now

Donald Trump
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Here's What Theresa May Is Offering EU Nationals After Brexit

European Union Big Ben London England European Uni
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Everything You Need To Know About The Deal To Keep May In Power

Politics Election
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16 MPs Who Also Fit The 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' Chant

Politics Corbyn
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