8 December 2016

Why There's A Foodbank Outside Parliament Today

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We frequently meet people who find themselves making tough decisions like going hungry so their children can have a hot meal, or turning off the heating so they can keep the lights on for a little longer. We want to make sure that policymakers hear from the experiences of real people on the knife-edge of poverty.

Emily Thornberry Mocks PMQs Stand-In Over Brexit

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Chris Grayling Faces Calls To Resign From Tory MP Over Leaked Letter

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Junk Food Will No Longer Be Advertised Around Kids' Content

Preschool Age Unhealthy Eating Baby Girls Girls Teenage Girls Females Dieting Prepared Potato Meal Gourmet Obsolete Facial Expression Hungry
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Lib Dems' And Tories' Wordless Argument Is A Twitter Gem

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Food Banks Launch Appeal As Christmas Demand Trebles


Researchers Believe They've Finally Found Who Swung Brexit

Vote Leave

Amazon Announces Fund For 700,000 School Breakfasts This Year


Man Found Guilty Of Harassing Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger

Courts Mp
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It's No Wonder Time Finally Gave In To Trump After What He Said About It

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Suicide Is The Leading Direct Cause Of Death For New Mums, Report Shows

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BBC Rejects Tory MP's Claim It 'Manufacturing' Brexit Rebellion Stories

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If Your £5 Note Has A Hidden Jane Austen Portrait It Could Be Worth £50K

Wparota Money Banknote Showbiz Morrissey
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Tory MP Criticised For Branding EU The 'Enemy' Of Britain


IDS Eviscerated By Barrister Over Daily Mail Supreme Court Column

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‘Disco Mullah’ Turned Islamic Preacher Killed In Pakistani Plane Crash

Junaid Jamshed

Donald Trump Winning Time Person Of The Year Really Caps Off 2016

Donald Trump

Gina Miller Brexit Threats Lead To Man Being Arrested

Courts Brexit
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Bird Flu: Poultry Owners Told To Keep Ducks, Chickens and Turkeys Inside

Chicken Chickens
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Mary Beard Accuses Ukip Donor Arron Banks Of 'Mansplaining' History To Her

Donne Ritratto Portrait
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Sleepy Edinburgh Students Vote To Install £40K Nap Pods In Uni Library

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Milo Accuses Colleges Of 'Back Door' Censorship After US Talks Cancelled

Shooting Violence Crime Guns Mass Shooting Florida Terror
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Theresa May Dodges Question Over £1,000 Leather Trousers Criticism

Politics Gulf
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The Winners List That Proves Time's Person Of The Year Isn't Always To Be Celebrated

Men Closeup View German One Person World War Ii Po
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Passport System's 'Racist' Reason For Rejecting Student's Photo

Richard Lee Passport Photo
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Watch Day Three Of Supreme Court Brexit Challenge Live

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The Baby Names Predicted To Be Popular In 2017

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Lady Gaga Shares An Unexpected Moment With Duchess Of Cornwall At Royal Variety Show

Wparota Camilla Royal Variety
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Holly Willoughby Overcome With Broodiness As She Cradles Baby Minutes After Birth

Holly Willoughby
ITV/St Thomas Hospital

The Time In December When Most Relationships Break Up

Argue Divorce Couple Quarrel Forest
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'TOWIE' Star Danielle Armstrong Set For New Series Of 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Arrives Arriving Arrive Arrivals Arrive Idsok Empi
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Piers Morgan Branded A 'Jackass' After Attack On The Beckhams Over Son Cruz's Single

Piers Morgan

Mother Redefines What It Means To 'Look Like A Mum' In Powerful Photo Series

Celia Sanchez Photography

Amy Schumer Responds To Trolls Who Body-Shamed Her For 'Barbie' Film

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Bella Hadid Reveals Nipple Piercing In Topless Paper Magazine Shoot

Paper Bella Hadid

'Corrie' Bosses Clear Up Alison King Return Reports

Idsok Arrive Arrives Arriving Arrivals Arrival Redcarpet Mid Length Half
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This Therapy Pig Works At An Airport To Soothe Anxious Passengers


Lidl Launch 'Luxury' Lingerie Range To Rival Victoria's Secret


Cruz Beckham Spills The Beans On David And Victoria's Embarrassing Traits

Capital Fm

112-Year-Old Woman Has Smoked 30 Cigarettes Each Day For The Past 95 Years