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Al Fox

Writer and TV development producer

When not staring anxiously at a blank Word document waiting to be possessed by inspiration, Al is a blogger, music reviewer and TV development producer (essentially, thinking up awesome new show ideas and awaiting the inevitable "no" from commissioners). A background in music TV production has provided him with his own slant on the industry: a sort of unique mix of appreciation, knowledge, passion and bitter hatred.

The BBC Has Found its Voice - But it Needs to be Louder

With the <em>X Factor</em> now a laughable parody of itself, it's a brave move of the BBC to reinvigorate the genre with <em>The Voice</em>. And sure, there'll still be viewers questioning the presence of a talent show on BBC One, but consider this: a chunk of the licence fee is earmarked for entertainment regardless, so it might as well be done properly. And that's just as much a plea to the BBC as it is a polite middle finger to the naysayers.
03/01/2012 22:18 GMT

The Battle (for the Battle) for Christmas Number One

The race for the Christmas No 1, once a headline-generating, excitement-building cultural event, has fizzled out in recent years. On the surface, it would appear to be a direct result of there being no actual race - it's largely been a given that the <em>X Factor</em> winner's single would sail to the top of the charts.
09/12/2011 23:27 GMT