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Callum Jones

Political Journalist and Writer

Callum is a seventeen year-old college student with a passion for politics. He makes regular trips to Westminster to report on day to day events in the Commons chamber. He is an obsessive user of social media, blogging and tweeting on the latest political developments in Britain and around the world.

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Lib Dem Conference - the 'Proalition' Politics of Power

In the digital age, over a million people watched Clegg's tuition fees apology - original or remixed - in four days. If a single lesson can be taken from the Deputy PM's chart success, it's that the power of the internet is not to be underestimated.
24/09/2012 18:12 BST

Nick Clegg's Next Move

"The Liberal Democrats are currently enjoying a surge of support which they will ride to an impressive victory in 2015", so says nobody. Although commentary of the party's plight in some corners of the press is unnecessarily exaggerated, not even Nick Clegg can deny they're on a bumpy path towards a pretty nasty result at the next election. It's now down to the deputy prime minister to create fork in the road - this week, he got his shovel out.
31/08/2012 12:29 BST

Why School Sport Isn't the Answer to the Olympic Legacy Question

With over a billion pairs of eyes looking on, our country impressed the world. London's transport swiftly and safely carried over a million people around the capital each day. 70,000 volunteers greeted Olympic visitors with enthusiasm and kindness. The British capital, and the British people, came alive in a way not seen in recent history.
14/08/2012 00:06 BST

The Budget 2012 Review: For the Richer or for the Poorer?

Coalition budget discussions have not been carried out behind closed doors. They have been testing the waters during these conversations by 'briefing' the press. This is obviously nothing like leaking, which has a completely different name.
21/03/2012 15:24 GMT

How a Minority of Politicians are Letting Westminister Down

Every single scandal frustrates me for the single fact that not all our MPs are bad. Westminster currently homes some of the best politicians in the world. But the culture of tabloid scandal we love to live with means that the small number of fools that slip up overshadow the high standard of the rest.
13/03/2012 23:22 GMT

Press Pressure; Bankers, Beware

I don't sympathise with someone for obtaining a multi-million pound pay packet, but I do sympathise with someone if they are bombarded with a constant stream of abuse on an unfair basis.
03/02/2012 14:02 GMT

2011 Review (Part 2)

This year, we've feared the doom and felt the gloom. We watched as people battled for democracy abroad, whilst battles took place within our democracy at home.
30/12/2011 21:29 GMT

Conservative Party Conference 2011: A Week in Manchester

It was marred by protests, a victim of the standard ministerial gaffes and the final event of the annual season but it was the way that the 2011 Conservative Party Conference clashed with the European economic crisis that made it so significant.
05/10/2011 23:26 BST

My Take on the Society Debate

It may have taken a riot to start it, but let's hope that we can come to a national conclusion that will prevent the scenes we saw last week on the streets of Britain from ever happening again.
16/08/2011 10:52 BST

The Truth About The BBC

Whilst the Beeb faces this constant barrage of intimidation, it just carries on doing what it does best by serving the public. No matter what mud may be slung its way, our public broadcaster just keeps trundling on, as it has done for the past eighty-four years.
29/07/2011 23:11 BST

The Rise and Fall of Rupert Murdoch

The towers of News Corporation are crashing down around Rupert Murdoch at the moment. The company was built here in Britain using hard-hitting scandals in newspapers, and it's a tad ironic that it's exactly the same thing that's brought its owner down on his knees.
14/07/2011 16:21 BST

News International: Let's Face the Facts

Let's be honest- BSkyB is what this all is about. It is why Rupert Murdoch has flown in to the country, it is why News International keeps on emphasising that a lot has changed in the four years since it last hacked into someone's personal voice messages.
11/07/2011 00:00 BST