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David and Christopher Mikkelsen

Founders of Refugees United

Danish brothers and social entrepreneurs David and Christopher Mikkelsen founded Refugees United in 2008 based on a personal experience trying to reconnect a young Afghan refugee with his family. Realising the lack of any global, IT-based infrastructure to help refugees locate missing family, the two brothers set out to change these state of things and built the first-ever global, web-based search tool for refugees. Refugees United was built via an open-source, collaborative approach to building an organisation via partnerships with large corporate players as well as other non-profit organisations such as the Red Cross, UNHCR, Ericsson, SAP, Google, and others.

David and Christopher Mikkelsen are members of the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 and 2011, have been named "New World Heroes - People who deserve a bigger stage in 2009" by Monocle Magazine, nominated as "People of the Year 2009" by DAS Magazin, and have just been nominated as PopTech Fellows 2011.

World Refugee Day 2012

Today, the world is marking World Refugee Day in honor of the 43 million refugees living across our planet. In honor of the millions of women, men and children who have been forced from their homes and had their future thrust into a state of uncertainty.
19/06/2012 16:45 BST

Helping 100,000 Refugees Find Missing Family

On 23 April, Refugees United passed a significant milestone in its short history: The one hundredth thousand refugee in search of missing family registered onto our family tracing platform. One hundred thousand. One hundred thousand lives touched. One hundred thousand refugees separated from family members during their escape from conflict.
02/05/2012 22:20 BST

Refugees United - London Hack Weekend

The hack is focused on helping Refugees United solve some of our challenges in aiding separated refugee families to reconnect following their flight from conflict, famine and natural disasters - incidents that often see entire families scattered between different refugee camps, regions and even countries.
13/04/2012 17:36 BST

A Well Told Story

While technology takes center stage in the world of Refugees United and our mission to reconnect separated refugee families, it is but an enabler.
08/03/2012 22:40 GMT

Bridging the Technical Divide in Refugee Camps

Recently, a young schoolteacher in Dadaab ssisted a woman in her fifties with finding her two daughters, whom she hadn't seen in 18 years, through Refugees United's platform. Separated when the children where but one and three years old, we were fortunate enough to be present when they reconnected, to watch their unbridled joy, and the teacher's pride that his work had paid off.
17/11/2011 15:58 GMT

Refugees United - Two Brothers' Quest to Connect the Unconnected

Why should you care? Because 43 million people are displaced today, with millions of refugees looking for missing family. Because this is a crisis Refugees United and partners have the ability to end. Because you might learn a thing or two, and help us better tackle this global problem.
27/10/2011 00:22 BST