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Dudley Colley

Aging Dubliner, easily confused, likes to step in the way of youngsters

Slipping into his late 30's with the grace and dignity of an ice-born Elephant, Dubliner Dudley Colley has been making music with his combo, The Dudley Corporation (yes, terrible name, bad joke, no going back) for far longer than acceptable. Even his Mam thinks he should know better.

When not making music or spinning tunes on his weekly radio show for RTE station, 2XM, he can be found trying to coax his children down from the roof.

Jason Molina - A Tiny Giant With a Big Old Heart

The musician Jason Molina died this weekend, with supposedly nothing more than a cell phone in his pocket containing only his grandmother's number. His desperate battle with alcohol had become public knowledge in recent years and the last word we had was that Jason was spending time on a family farm rearing chickens, and slowly but surely getting better. But he didn't make it, he slipped and the world is very much a poorer place.
19/03/2013 15:39 GMT