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Jeni Dibley-Rouse

Parent Blogger

I’m a mum of two children, Joe and Grace, married to the husband and I quit my job of 15 years in post production TV mainly working in advertising with a few documentaries to run the family full time. I enjoy laughing through every phase of being a parent with the Joe and Grace. I look on the bright side of life and love reading a good parenting blog, just so I know I’m not the only one! I’m aways on Instagram doing an insta story of our day to day life so if you fancy it come and follow us over there too @everythingisaphase

How To Parent Like It's The Summer Of 1986

Ahh the 80's, my childhood. I don't remember endless day trips, we just hung out in the park, did DIY bonfire nights and renditions of various musicals, so here are my top tips on how to parent like the 80's.
30/06/2017 12:15 BST

Winging It. Returning To Work With Two Children

I returned to work at the beginning of this year after chid number two and I can safety say that we have been winging it ever since. Over three years ago I returned to work after my first child and I can't really remember it being a terrible time and we did decide on having another child so it must have been ok?
18/04/2017 16:10 BST

How To Survive Your First Night Out After Having A Baby

So you have grown a baby, your baby has come out one way or another, you have fed it, stayed up all night and day with it but now it's time to get a small piece of your life back. The thought of going out on your own is daunting and going out at night with no children in the dark is scary but also exciting.
14/03/2017 15:37 GMT

12 Reasons Why I Need My Children More Than They Need Me

When you have a child/children the world is a friendlier place where people smile, they give loving looks to your baby and toddler and say things like, "I would love mine to be that age again", "Enjoy this time as they soon grow up".
03/02/2017 14:20 GMT