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John Tully

I left my native Northumberland in 1986 when I joined the Metropolitan Police Force. Since then I have worked at Stoke Newington Division, the Diplomatic Protection Group, Barkingside Division, Redbridge Borough and the Force Training School.

I became a Police Federation Representative in 1995 and I now work as a full time Representative with responsibility for Student Officers.

I have the additional responsibility of being the Vice Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation (MPF).

The MPF is a staff association which has a statutory role to represent the (31,200) rank and file officers (Constable, Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector ranks) of the Metropolitan Police.

Why London's Police Feel Belittled and Humiliated

In September last year, former New York Police chief Bill Bratton, who was in Britain to advise the Government about gang culture following the summer riots, described the morale of London's police as "awful"... If morale was awful back then it is now in a state which defies description.
04/03/2012 22:33 GMT