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Kate Shippey

One of the founders of The Shippey Campaign and mother of 3 boys on the Autistic Spectrum

I'm a married mother of three children all whom are diagnosed with ASD.

During my career break from the University of Sunderland, I have taken up office as a parent governor at my eldest child's special school, along with that, I have two personal blogs: which is a humorous look at life and which is a parent support blog for parents of children with special needs.

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The End (of The Holiday) Is Nigh...

I'm the mother who has to hush my children to the doorway to check that it's not too full or noisy (first born), that it doesn't smell too plasticky (second born) and that there is good security on the entrance/exit doors (third born).
20/08/2015 10:19 BST

Parley-Vous Footy?

It's that time again. The quiet before the storm. The anticipation building to an almost explosive level when passions, excitement and more than anything, pure nerves take over the central nervous system of the most placid of people. The football season has arrived...
13/08/2015 10:15 BST

Keeping Abreast of the Feeding

You see, it is a very different situation when baby arrives. It's generally not until you've had more than one child that you get a bit of confidence in you to voice what you want and what's going to be best for you and baby.
02/07/2015 10:12 BST

Life on the Spectrum - a Parent's Perspective

We learnt that our lives had changed. We learnt that we had to assess our every move when he was with us. We found out about places that he couldn't tolerate. We learnt that the lights buzzed to loud in one restaurant, that the tables were too close together in another.
25/06/2015 17:16 BST

Where Is Your Position on the Family Tree?

A tree is predominant, it has many branches and spreads itself far and wide. It adapts to seasons, it provides shelter for birds to build their nests, provides nutrition and fun. A tree is always there...until something cuts it down.
08/06/2015 10:16 BST

Fun in the Sun or Heartbreak Hotel?

Someone shrugged their shoulders and told me to drive and go self catering or camping. Ah, you see, where is the holiday in that? It's like a home away from home, except with the sun. And cooking over a hot stove in Mediterranean heat simply doesn't do it for me.
29/05/2015 08:58 BST

Are You Under the Spell of Social Media?

It's captivating, hypnotising, and down right annoying, but we're all totally addicted to the unmistakable lure of social media...are we not? It's a funny thing, this social media lark.
21/05/2015 16:12 BST

Special Needs in Mainstream? Does it Really Work?

Unless a child follows the 'special education' path from birth and has a statement (or EHCP as it's now known) in place for the beginning of their educational journey, us parents have no choice other than to plunge our child into the mainstream school and cover our eyes, hoping for the best when we do it.
17/05/2015 19:02 BST