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Kristina Adams

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Author of What Happens in New York, What Happens in London, and Productivity for Writers. Mental health advocate. Can usually be found under a pile of books with a vanilla latte.

Why It Matters When Celebrities Share Their Health Problems

Like it or not, celebrities have power. More power and influence than most of us can ever dream of. They're also under increasing public scrutiny. It's therefore important that they're honest with us when they can't run at 100%, not only because it makes their audience more accepting, but also because it increases awareness about the plethora of health problems out there.
25/09/2017 17:33 BST

Why Are We So Obsessed With Celebrity Relationships?

For some of us, celebrities take up almost as much space in our brains as our closest friends. We know everything about them (or everything that they're willing to share or that a journalist can dig up). We lap up their latest films, TV shows, or music, and we refer to them by their first name like they're our best friend. 
09/08/2017 17:02 BST

How Self-Publishing Saved Me From Myself

I did it. I reached my goal. There were some obstacles along the way, but as I look back, I know that I've grown stronger because of them. I know that as I publish each book, I'll grow stronger and more determined still.
28/06/2017 16:40 BST