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Lynn Houghton

Travel Writer, former concert singer, speaks Spanish, loves animals and nature.

Born in the Canadian Rockies, my passion is horses which I started riding aged five, though I also love hiking and anything to do with speed. My family moved to So. California when I was six and, after primary schooling, I attained an arts degree at California State Univ., Fullerton. Subsequently, I moved to London where I met my husband. I began my freelance writing career seven years ago and have travelled to about forty different countries since then. I write for websites, magazines and national publications.

New England Now: Because Of Its History

You may have noticed that I have a thing about culture and, particularly, history. Possibly because I grew up in a somewhat sanitised suburb south of Los Angeles where all the houses, and most of us kids, pretty much looked the same.
29/08/2017 13:11 BST

The Wichita Lineman: A Perfect Sonic Landscape

With the passing of Glen Campbell last week, many writers and authorities are commenting on the supersonic hit written in a few hours by Jimmy Webb and recorded in one afternoon in 1968. It was an immediate hit and permanently lifted Campbell from the country music genre to being a far-ranging popular artist.
14/08/2017 13:57 BST

72 Hours In Berlin

It's embarrassing to admit this is my first time to Berlin. After studying German at University and spending a lot of time in Bavaria, you would have thought a visit to the capitol was a no brainer. But I have squeezed in as much as possible in my three days to create a day by day guide.
26/09/2016 12:09 BST

Biella, Birra And The Black Madonna

There is so much to experience in this quite stunning part of the world and I have, quite literally, only had a taste. It is well worth returning for the friendly people, the food and certainly the beer.
22/08/2016 10:03 BST

Sustainable Seafood at the Dorset Seafood Festival

The 8th and 9th July 2017 will be the 10th outing for the Dorset Seafood Festival in Weymouth. This is a premier event for the Southwest of England and is known for promoting the use of sustainable seafood.
21/07/2016 14:36 BST

Tucson, Arizona Designated UNESCO Gastronomy City

In the old days, synonymous with outlaws and shoot outs; raids and squabbles over cattle, land, gold and the other resources of this vast region. Now the resource being battled over is -- water -- with this precious commodity becoming scarcer every year.
04/04/2016 14:52 BST

Sail on the MS Wilhelm Tham Along Sweden's Bohuslän Archipelago

It is August and the sun is shining gratuitously as a stiff sea breeze blows, ruffling my hair. The enjoyment of being on the water, seeing yachts and dreamy luxury vessels, spotting seal colonies - as we drift alongside West Sweden's beautiful rugged, rocky coastline - is a recipe for a truly special experience.
01/09/2015 15:18 BST

Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

As I arrive at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, I spot the full-size mock-up of a space shuttle looking ready to launch. It has the orange twin solid rocket boosters on either side of it and is 184 ft. tall. During the tour I find out that Atlantis flew 125,935,769 miles in space. Wow!
10/07/2015 08:26 BST

Five Great Family Attractions in London

With half term fast approaching, families who live in the Southeast (and beyond) will be looking for adventures to occupy their youngsters during the break. For those planning to come to the capital, here are a few suggestions of things to keep your young ones busy and happy.
16/10/2014 11:37 BST

An Active Guide to the Coast of Maine

It's when flying in a tiny aircraft, where the entire side of the plane seems like one elongated window, that you notice the landscape all around you: the sky, the forests, clouds and the sea. And on a clear sunny day, with no mist rising from the ocean surrounding the islands, it is possible to see for miles and miles in every direction.
08/10/2014 12:05 BST

The Roaming Scribe: Hidden Florida Keys

When you leave the mainland and begin your journey down the Overseas Highway to the Florida Keys, it is as if you have entered another country, another time. The Keys have a bit of the Wild, Wild West about them and everyone seems ready to party. It is the 'come as you are' relaxed vibe that draws visitors here.
09/07/2014 14:20 BST

The Roaming Scribe: Alternative Manchester

Manchester, where the industrial revolution began, is well-known globally for football and for Old Trafford Stadium, christened 'the theatre of dreams' by former player, Bobby Charlton. Recently, Manchester United has been in the news with the promotion of Ryan Giggs to interim manager for the club.
06/05/2014 14:23 BST

Two Catherines, Two Belle du Jours

As soon as screen siren and film star, Catherine Deneuve, had completed her christening duties she was mingling with the assorted guests and raising a glass with all those in attendance to toast the SS Catherine.
14/04/2014 12:27 BST

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

Having grown up in Southern California I had never driven the famous stretch of coastal road that runs from Monterey and down through Big Sur. Today would change all that.
17/02/2014 13:04 GMT

Roaming Scribe: Getting to Grips with Grenada

I have come to Grenada to attend the 4th Annual Rum and Beer Festival. With a Creole hog roast planned and different varieties of rum to sip, it should be a good introduction to this famous Caribbean beverage.
27/12/2013 09:49 GMT