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Natalie de Winter

Aussie observer of life in the UK, anecdotes and opinions that don’t take themselves too seriously

Natalie De Winter likes to write.

She writes about Edinburgh at Stuff Edinburgh, other travel at De Winter Retreat and for fun, she has a movie review blog, What Did Nat Think of It.

A Fat Tax Is No 'Cure' for Obesity - Denmark and Captain Obvious Tell Us Why

Maybe the AMRC should have looked to Denmark for answers, or at least for the wrong answers. In 2011 they brought in their own fat tax on foods containing more than 2.3 % saturated fat. But less than two years later it's been<a href="" target="_hplink"> deemed a failure</a> and is to be abolished.
19/02/2013 16:42 GMT

Gassy Guts: Why Doctors Need to Get Serious About IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the Sarah Palin of ailments; nobody takes it seriously... IBS is still a condition whose name is met with disinterest, an eye roll and sometimes a snort of derision; and that's just from the doctors.
18/02/2013 18:00 GMT